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Do i need a social worker to write a letter for an appeal for ESA?

Hi all ..I recently went to a lady who works for DWP to help me fill in DLA form ..she said we will appeal to the ESA for me to go on the other ESA support group (if you get what i mean) at the end of filling in my dla form she said she is going to get one of her social workers to help write the letter as she cannot do it ?? i was just wondering if this was a normal proceedure as i dont think i need a social worker as i have a great support network already ? thank you for reading hope someone can shed a light ?

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The light at the end of the tunnel has been switched off until further notice. It can't do any harm, can it. The more letters you have from officious and medical types, the better IMO. Things with rubber stamps on, headed note paper and official looking seals, lions and unicorns rampant holding some crest or other, impresses the hell out of bureaucrats. :)


I agree mre supporting letters the better, but I am really confused as I am pretty sure the DWP dot have social workers as such. may be they have a special team that can help you, but social workers are usually employed by the council not DWP. you may like to get them to clarify the situation for you. the last thing you need to get is the wrong person. good luck xx


esagestapo....i am a little confused at your first sentence .....but the rest i do thank you so much for your reply.......

Fibro confused too sister recons we just write the letter ourselves(if that is what you need to do?) we are going to ring job centre today and ask what the next step is...ourselves....and cancel app with the woman (as we can do ourselves) i also have a 13week sicknote if anyone needs to see it ? ....

thank you so kindly for replying i really appreciate it xxx


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