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dr consultation

well after going to A&E 9 days ago and it turned out it was my DR that was covering .I am seeing him tomorrow to sort out issues i have and hopefully this time I WILL get some answers. i have written everything I am feeling so grotty.went to bed early last night as so tired and not having a sleep in didnt pay off.i woke at 3am and every half hour I felt so ill today.i gto up to take my dogs out and the older one either did not want to get up off the sofa or couldn't do.His back legs are a lot worse and he has difficulty climbing down stairs I went back to bed hoping I might feel better after some more sleep.i didn't.force myself to go to tescos to get some bits and dropped a card somewhere I was going to post and hadn't put in my pocket so it didnt get creased up.i didnt have it when I came out and thought maybe I did post it.i also lost my till receipt which I was certain I put in my bag.i took my dogs out when I got back but he didnt want to go far.


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Awwww Anbuma hope your dog gets better soon,does he have arthritis maybe? Good luck with your doctors appointment,and hopefully you have a better nights sleep,Hugs xxx


thanks della


Morning Good luck today hope it all goes in your favour and the Dr is helpful! Hug to your dear dog I have one like that he has arthritis in his hips:) xgins


thanks gins

we walked for 2 hours this morning along river tweed.beautiful walk with lovely scenery but me and dogs were well exhausted when we finally got home.nice to have some peace from dogs barking all time but too knackered to do anything.he couldn't climb onto chair this morning to sit on windowledge. bless him!


Awww hun what a day, hope it gets better xxxx


thank is better so far.


went to dr and said my leg pain was muscular and suggested physio.then went on to talk about my issues /concerns.first I asked why he had entered obesity in my records.he said cos of my BMI rate which they classed as me being obese.(I am about 13 stone).this led to me saying the same as I said to rheumatologist (that as I don't eat cakes biscuits puddings and snacks and I have very little appetite that I can only really eat breakfast )the only way fro my weight to be reduced is to sort out whatever is the mass which is my stomach.)

he then went on to explain about bloatedness etc which noone has actually said to me.I might be over weight but it is not for over eating and I don't class myself as obese .my BMI is 29.4 as per an online bmi calculator but it doesn't say what my bmi should be.i have to go back and see him in a months time which is after I have seen the consultant re my gallstones when I hope they say they will take it out and hopefully they will find the mass in my stomach is something else.i wont give up until that time.

then as I expected I ddidnt mention some other issues but have wrote them down for next time.


I m feeling kinda depressed now.havent eaten anything tonight yet (as my dr keeps saying)I am bloated.i still believe it is something more.if it is bloating as he says then why has no one suggested anything that can be done to reduce my swollen abdomen.

I really thought today when I saw him that when I said I couldn't eat anything other than breakfast(cereal)he would have been concerned hat I wasn't eating.

next time I go I will take my notes with me and read them out myself rather than give them to him to read and not cover everything.i dint have my glasses with me today so couldn't read it myself.


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