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Something amazing

Today I fulfilled an ambition I have had for 6 years..,,,I took my little girl ice skating! And I actually skated.....backwards too! I used to be a fantastic skater but I haven't been on the ice for the past twenty odd years. We had so much fun and it absolutely killed me. I'm in a lot of pain now and tomorrow it will be unbearable but right now I just don't care. Seeing the pleasure on my daughters face and hearing her laughter will help me get through it.....feeling very proud of myself tonight x

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So you should do .... Well done ... Sometimes its worth any pain just to see the happiness and achievements of our children...


VG xx


Amazing....well done. You knew you would pay for it so rest up and look forward to the next time :)


Hi Charlie, sounds like it was worth every bit of pain... You know what they say, no pain no gain. Well done, and I bet it lifted your spirits just as much as your daughters... Just take it steady for a few days now xx :)


Thanks guys.....just for a little while I felt like a "normal" mum if you know what I mean. X


Well done, you are so brave. Even before I got really bad, I was too scared of falling to go on the ice, although relatives took her on for me. I just stood and watched under an outdoor heater. Mind you the mulled wine did well to drown my sorrows.

Now though, even if I went to try, my daughter would tell me off and find me a seat.

Bossy boots.


My daughter is a bossy boots too but today when we were on the ice she said "look mummy, you are just like the other mummies" it broke my heart. I vow to push myself beyond my limits just to be like her friends mummies x


I get cysts or abbcess's rather than boils down below all the time usually down to either an ingrowing hair or blocked pore.

But I just want to warn everyone that if the boil etc doesn't come to a head in a few days to see your go for antibiotics.

5 months ago I found a small cyst on my labia for approx 3 months it would come to a head burst go away for a few days and then come back two months ago it came back slightly bigger but after a week it still still hasn't come to a head and the next day it was the size of a small melon I went to local hospital and they told me they couldn't do anything until a head formed but I should be on iv antibiotics because they wouldn't cut and drain it I left there went home on oral antibiotics and by the next morning it had grown again went to go who told me to stay on oral antibiotics over weekend to see if a head formed you can imagine how painful it was. By the next day it was even larger so my hubby took me to addenbrooks within 20 min I was seeing a gynae surgeon who put me on if antibiotics and wanted to do emergency surgery to drain it. It was apparently the biggest abbcess they had ever seen the surgery eventually occurred on the Sunday they packed it every day for 2 days and I came home on the Tuesday by Friday I was back in hospital seeing another gynae house officer who took one look and got the registration immediately who took one look and got the consultant who poked it and put his finger through my skin the infection was so deep it had eaten away the muscle and nerve at the top of my leg I was taken to theater the next morning Saturday and he cut away the majority of the tissue inside my labia down past the muscle in my buttock and top of thigh,the skin had gone black and was dead, then left the wound completely open for the infection to drain out I went back to theater the following day for further cleaning and wound was packed with a vac dressing this had to be changed every other day pain on dressing change was awful week later my consultant was very pleased at how quick it had started to heal he took me back to theater to take vac dressing out and to loosely stitch had to have stitches in for 2 weeks and am now left with a wound about 5 cm long that is now only a cm deep which is taking its time to heal still hurting muscle pain where it had to be cut away is very painful. Had to have wound cauterised last week which hasn't helped much but it is slowly healing its closing a mom at a time.

If I had gone to gp at first sign of cyst then it probably wouldn't have gotten so deep now I have to have antibiotics at first sign of a spot, boil,abbcess anywhere on body. Otherwise it might get bad very quickly my gynae is stll shocked on how big it was and how quick it grew

So see gp for antibiotics within a week if it won't come to a head or if you are worried it,s infected

Sorry for long post


I think you have maybe commented on the wrong post hunni. Blame fibro fog lol x


Hi Charli

Ohh love ice skating!!

I am so happy for you and even like you say if it hurts its worth it!

I was going with my daughter 2010 then got her new ice skating boots and 2011 my neck went and unfortunately its been too much so sold her boots but she is also into football so it was not too bad, however she gave footy up due to not able to physically cope, only now a few months on she has decided she wants to try again .

We do anything for our kids and to stand in bitterly cold weathers travelling all over makes it worth while because we can come back, shower, pj's n snuggle ahhhh

So good for you and am so jealous xxxxxx


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