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Poem for today - Style Guru, written back in 2007

Do I need a butler sink?

I think not.

I will not bow to a guru

who tells me

to paint my walls wheat,

my halls neat white.

Clean lines throughout?

I doubt

the style guys

would love my curtain ties,

red walls, blue rugs,

secondhand stuff.

An offhand


about throws from a

high priestess who knows how

might make me

rue a brass knob or two

but if folk don't visit


for fear of upsetting

their stylized eyes,

do I care?

Pink fluffy pedestal mat,

china cats,

tie backs, mis-matched

place mats


and one stop furniture shop

catalogues be banned in this house!

2 Replies

Excellent, and very good thoughts, too!

Welcome to my house of mis-matched teacups, odd cushion covers and flowery bedspreads! :)

Moffy x


Sounds like my kind of gaff!!


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