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Hi All,

Here is a brief update for anyone who it would help.

I went to CAB who were lovely and I have filled out an appeal form to ESA, so hopefully it will help.

I went to hospital today for the results of an MRI and the spinal consultant has told my that I have suspected 'cervical myelopathy' and could be facing a rather risky operation and now need more MRI's, tests and to see a neurologist.

I would just like to warn other Fibro sufferers NOT to put all symptom or problems down to the syndrome and to get something checked out if they are not sure what is or isn't connected to the fibro. I just thought that the awful dizziness was another side effect, which in part it might be; it is not the whole picture.

Gentle hugs to all and take care of yourselves

Nikki xx

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Oh my god Nikki, sorry to hear that. Was it just feeling dizzy or something else that made you get checked out? My hubby's convinced I have something wrong with my back, other than fibro, but I get sick of going to docs to be told "its Fibro" just keep taking the pain killers!!! xx


Hi Eversohappy,

I was experiencing neck pain and I knew I had spondyloleisthesis in my lower spine but I was also getting more and more sensations such as pins and needles and headaches. The trouble is I also get the headaches etc due to the fibro so as the Spinal surgeon said 'it is a very grey area' to determine just how much damage is being caused by the Myelopathy and what is a direct result of the effects of fibro.

If you feel there is something wrong, then definitely make a nuisance so that they listen. You know your body and the effect fibro has on you better than any medical person does. I would Take your hubby with you as back up and insist on further investigations its up to them to prove that you don't have other things going on lol.

Take care



Thank you Nikki ,

I have only just had time to read this as I've had my daughter and grandchildren for the best part of the day ,as lovely as they are its nice to be on my own ;-)

19 years ago I had an opp on the lower part of my spine as it had crumbled quite badly ,I was suposed to have had 6 pins joind by rods in order to hold me together ,my spine was so worn that they couldn't do that so packed it with bone from my pelvise .

I have been having really bad migraine for months now and I have told my GP that the pain in my neck is so bad that my head locks and can be so painful that I just end up in tears ,( I was told by the doctors at the time it would go to my neck ),I'm only 53 so I will be going back to my GP who is normaly very good when it comes down to the fibro but I feel he's missed this one xx Thanks Tina


Hi Tina,

I am 52 and still waiting.. and waiting to become a grandma lol.... Yes please do go back to your GP. I think so many of us are so conscious of fibro causing so many symptoms that we feel we are reluctant to go to the Doctor as we dont want to be thought of as being a complainer or nuisance.

Keep us posted as to the out come of your visit and good luck.


Nikki xx


Thanks Nikki ,

I'm probably the same as every one that has fibro ,I'm getting a bit tired of going to the doctors as I feel thats all I do these days ,

but as I've had my lower spine fussed and knowing just how dangerous the opp can be ,I have to say it fills me with dread if I have to go through another one .

but I will let you know how I get on xx Tina


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