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Oh bother, out then sharply back in this morning

Oh bother, out then sharply back in this morning

Got up eight thirty and washed and dressed ready to go and visit the elderly lady I hoover for on a monday, got to bus stop somehow as I was in a daze and my stomach was cramping, I felt sick. I had to come back home and felt awful at ringing her and letting her down.

Also have a cough and a wheezey chest which means I dare not go near the old gentleman this week as he has only just got over a bad one. Cant see my grandson either till chest clears up as he has cystic fibrosis and again I cant go near him if i have a cough.

Thats me up sh creek without a paddle this week.

Just rang doc and at last the result about the H pylori confirmation has come through from gastric surgeon so I will be able to get some meds and anti biotics for that today and hopefully clear up this stomach thing altogether.

Realised as I emerge from fog that I am dressed rather wierdly in palazzo pants(black) baggy purple /blue/black smocky thing , one of those cardis(violet) with the long flappy bits that hang down over which I had plonked a short jacket , =topped off with a purple wooly hat( b ecause I had not washed my hair) and dolly shoes completed the ensemble.

Feeling depressed and sad about all of you who have to be going through the nightmare process of claiming bens right now and lucky that hub works so I dont have to work or claim.

My hugs and prayers to all ofyou who have to fill in a form or attend an interview today.

God Bless


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Pic is of lovely grandson who is twelve, has CF and is doing well.


Sorry you're feeling poorly, Spidey - so many nasty viruses around at the mo'! I like the sound of your outfit - much the sort of thing I tend to wear!

I am also lucky in that I don't have to work or claim benefits, as I am over retirement age and have my state pension - it's not a lot but my needs are few. I d o miss work, tho' and would certainly find a job if i was fit enough!

Your grandson looks very cute - I hope you are well soon so that you can see him :)

Moffy x


Well Moffy, I shook myslef out, put on some arab rai music, took a tramadol and a gabapentin and started to shimmy round the room. SLOWLY!!!!!!! It enthused me and I have been out putting out washing and done some tidying up. Just gonna have a cuppa now.PACE PACE. Still feel a bit sick but tryong to ignore it.


In fact I defy anyone not to tap their toes, even from a chair to this guy Rachid Tha, find him on you tube!!!!


Hi Spidey, not sure how old you are but if you are under 60 you can claim DLA and Cares allowance have paid in for it so you are not wrong in claiming it and over 60 with problems you can get AA not sure what they are called now to be honest. Both my OH and I have DLA and it helps a lot for transport and care x x You prob know all this lol

Gentle hugs

Rainbow x x x


I used to love bellydance Spidey, once belonged to a performance group called Hathor (now sadly defunct), can't do it any more, even shimmying hurts!

Cheers, Midori


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