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last november i won my appeal to transfer from the W.R.A.G. to the support group and now today only 3mnths on i have apparently been re-assessed and put back into the W.R.A.G. oh and because im contribution based my 365 days are up so surprise surprise they have stopped my money whilst i go through the same appeal process as last november !!!!!!

this government stinks !! maybe they keep doing this to grind me down and hope i will get fed up of applying and appealing !!! and to be honest thats just how i feel, i use so much energy just battling my illnessess on a daily basis that sometimes i have no fight left in me to battle them GGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So sorry you're having to go through this, Normajean - sadly you are not alone as many people are suffering the same way.

I hope you don't give up, because only by fighting will we be able to turn things around.

I think you're right - they are hoping everyone will get fed up and stop trying, but we must keep persisting! There are action groups around that you can join, and you will get some help and support from them - see the internet for your local organisations.

Stay strong and never give in.

Moffy x


That is just wrong : - (( Please seek advice from a welfare officer and/or Citizens Advice, i would also consider speaking to your GP and also your MP and get them to help you.


Dont give up , its hard , like you say we go through this everyday , I have to attend a medical on the 19th , I dont expect much from them but if it comes down to it I will appeal also , its about time we are listened to xx hugs angie x


The gov's argument is they are doing this because the benefits bill is to high which does not add up, you can't spend billions on Tribunals, ATOS and WRAG contracts and the rest of it, and then say you are doing it to save money. But that is what they expect the public to believe.

Which leads me to believe it is not about the money, after all we own the Royal Mint, or someone does, not me, so it must be about oppressing people. There must be some gain in forcing people to live in abject poverty and poor health, otherwise they would not treat people like this.

And there is the legal aid fund, cancelled to prevent claimants from appealing, the NHS is also being attacked, facing more cuts to prevent patients from getting live saving drugs. Taxes on benefits if you get them, which means you can't afford food or fuel.

I honestly think IDS and his cronies are trying to kill us all by every means possible. Have I lost the plot completely and should I be declared insane?


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