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Sorry not been on here for a long time, urgent question, my daughter has a horrible case of chicken pox, I've been looking after her, what's the chance of me getting shingles? I had chicken pox I think when I was younger but I know that don't matter, I know our immune systems are rubbish so please what does everyone think I want to be prepared if I'm getting this orrible infection thank u nicki

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You can catch chicken pox from some one who has shingles but

Not the other way round, our immune system is compremised but

Realy it means people who are very frail, or who have had chemo

Where there immune system is non existent they are very at risk

Just wash your hands as you would if you touch her infected areas

And you should be fine.

Poor little girl it's very nasty I remember my daughter was very ill

With it even had the spots inside her eyes, give a cuddle.

And don't worry you will be fine have you had chicken pox


I did reply but seems to have gone missing, not sure if had chicken pox but defo had German measles, she's had lots of cuddles and taking her to toy shop when quarentine over for being so brave, thank u for reply appreciate it , Nicki


Are you on steroids ... Then you are at risk .... But hopefully otherwise you should be fine....

VG x


As vivien said, you cannot catch shingles from someone with chicken pox. You may catch chicken pox if you do not have immunity yourself though. Most people who have had chicken pox before have immunity.


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