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Come Dine with FibroAction!


Come Dine with FibroAction is your chance to be part of a big event for FibroAction, without needing to leave your own home!

We are asking our supporters to host Dinner4Good events over the International Awareness Day Weekend of 10-12 May 2013.

For more information, see the link below:

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What a good idea - I will try to organise this in our area.

LindseyMid in reply to Jjudith

Thanks Judith! :) This will be the first year we've done thins and it would be great to make it a success.

Hi, I will try to get one going in my village, what a good idea, I've looked at the website and its a really good toolk for rasing moneu isnt it. I just hope the fibro doesn't nip in and spoil the day.......but be positive :-)

Another Judith here, aka Foggy

What a good idea - like 'Come dine with me' but less stressful. Shall deffo try this out. :)

M x

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