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hey everyone. Like you all ouch! I don't describe my days as bad and good anymore. I now say bad and worse :( i've been having extra, different pains besides what i know is the fibro. They started about 4-5 months ago. mostly in my hands. Constant pain that wiil shoot up through my elbows and as far as my shoulders. Me, my partner and my gp decided to try a neurologist. I have an appointment in a couple hours. I decided it was a ggod move to try mainly because docs are now blaming any pain I get on the fibro! but how do they know? Especially my hands(both). Anybody else have these types of hand pains? I played a lot of sports and have felt similar pains when i dislocated or sprained a finger. This time though it radiates outwards from my thumbs and the web between there and my forefingers. Anyway wish me luck. Maybe they can give me a pill or something for my hands(wishful thinking) and then I'll ONLY have the fibro pains.

bye for now


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  • Wow Wendy you're fast. I use a pencil noe to type. I try not to read a lot about fibro anymore cause I think I was kind of talking myself into pain. Not sure. Anyway you're the first person who has described their hand pain like mine. Maybe it is the f**kin fibro. anyway if this doc says anything new that might help people, i'll make sure to post it.

    take care


  • you may have arthritis or inflammation of the joints from your days of playing sport. hope your consult goes well and you get support to make you more comfortable.

    hugs to you Wendy, as well - your hands sound worse than mine x

  • Back home safe and sound. Received a full and very complete neurological assessment/ examination. I was then told that the larger nerve endings are the only ones(versus smaller) that can be assessed through this type of workup or scans. everything was OK. Meaning no MS or similar disastrous diagnosis. Since I have another rheumatology appointment next month(my last one's were 2 yrs ago)she suggested that I come back in 2 months, which will give her time to liaise with rheu doc, pain spec and my GP to advise on stronger and different meds, to start with. And then see where to go from there. Like everyone else in fibro land, I've had sooooo many different kinds of pills but I'll try to stay positive.

    Oh, Sammicat15, thanks for the idea about arthritis but I've had loads of blood work looking for sed rate levels and rheumatoid factors. They always rule it out...oh well.

    Damn i talk alot lol. Not too bad for pencil typing...thanks again guys.

    keep smiling


  • I stopped going to my Doctors unless i am really desperate. Second i walk through his door i get that look. You know the look , OMG its him again , wonder what he is going to say hurt's today. I suffered with my hands for a year or so , they still ache at joints but i no longer have the extreme pain. My only words of comfort are , don't worry soon another part of your body will win the pain race and your hands will seem secondary.

    Fibro moves around your body and no where is safe. The only constant is pain but the location will change.

  • That's s**t. My gp at least listens to me. Now my other docs are the same pr**ks you describe. I always liked competing and winning but this is a race I don't even wanna be in!

    Same s**t different day-keep it light


  • I find that running the cold tap over my hands then massaging them with lotion, can be anything from vit e cream to a more expensive pot of jollop,first thing in the mornings is benificial I wake up with them feeling stiff and itchy. I have arthritis in my right forefinger which I sometimes rub in ibuprofen gel and then splint with strecthy bandage. For the elbows, my right one in particular I use an elbow support which cost me a pound from pound world!!! Its pretty strong and stretchy and seems to give the right support and protection.

    Just a few ideas to float around.

  • Hey spidey- Thanks for listening to me and taking the time to write...much appreciated!


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