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Don't think I have fibro but doc does going to see a rheumatologist now what do they do?

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I just have mild pains only had severe back pain but everyday theres a new ache or pain and so tired loads of weird symptoms my eyes are burning headaches. Feel like I do have fibro fog. But I'm mainly worried what's going on in my head had burning pains a few weeks back but they've gone now but still get a electric shock pain now and then just feels so exhausted with it all and want to know what's going on 😣😒

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Your doc might be right


Hi Ashley,

A rheumatologist will ask you what all your symptoms are - it might be a good idea to make a list so you don't forget anything. They may want blood tests and x rays/scans done, as they usually want to rule out any other causes for your symptoms, before diagnosing fibro. Don't worry, as it's nothing to be alarmed about.

Good luck x

Can I ask why you don't think that you have Fibro? πŸ€—

Because I'm not in loads of pain all the time have all the other symptoms like rib pain, head pains, pins and needles, the bottom of my Back feels bruised and get a bubbling feeling under my left chest area and have got progressively worse I've caught my sons flu and it's knocked me for 6. The head stuff scares me like head pains now and then. Also have had bad hip pain and upper back pain like crushing pain. Just worried cause I don't feel like myself anymore and don't know if I'm going to recover from this illness but no one believes me. It's everyday too. What's your symptoms Danielle Gemma?

the rhumatologist will ask u variuos of questions like family history,symptoms etc and may do a check of how different parts move and where u feel pain. may ask u do to do bllod tests n xrays if u havent had them already done.

When I saw myou rumertoligest he asked alsortsome of questions where dose it hurt is it painfull ectopic make sure you write down your systems ando where it's painfull dose it hurt to touch ect all the best to you

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