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The GUPTA amymadala DVD we discussed yesterday .. I watched some last night

Ok my friends OH Popped this round last night... It was packed up as they are moving house so she hasn't tried it yet.... So not being able to sleep I thought I would watch some of ...

It's divided Into sections ...

1. Is the man describing what he had which sounded more like me / cfs than fibro... But i carried on,

2. He explains how the brain starts to interpret things incorrectly and sends out the wrong messages..... This looks promising.

3. Testimonials from all the people who have followed this programme and feel much better...

Then after sitting through these three sections my OH wanders in and says what you have just watched there is available for free to watch on you tube..... So if you are thinking of buying this find it on YouTube and watch the first 3 sections for free before rushing out to buy it...

That's as far as I went as I am still feeling yuk but I thought if you found this on YouTube you could listen to the first three bits and decide if it sounds it could be any use to you.


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Thanks VG :)


Thanks VG you are a star xgins


Brilliant idea. I have temporarily cancelled buying it. Very good find VG.



Fibro fog desends with fibo snow following fast on its heels, what do you be talkin about I'm so confused, plus I is almost out off squish means squash I always have a bottle made up beside me bed and its runnin out and we seriously be snowed in, sobs quietly so as not to wake oh then remembers he wouldn't wake up if you dropped a bomb in his vicinity, funny fraze that nobody would wake if you dropped a bomb on em cos they be squished and deed, anways a decidedly confused Sithy is still wondering what you be talkin about. Gentle hugs Sithy


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