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hEY DIDDLE DIDDLE what is that all about well my middle

since I have had my legs compresion bandaged for the last four weeks my middle has begun to inflate the portion around my ribs most uncomfortable.

I put it down to my white flour intolerance OH keeps producing scrummy white bread and of course I eat it. 0KNOW i SHOULD NOT)

By the evening my upper tummy is vast and even with water tablets does not reduce properly.. Tedious to say the least.

So today I shall not eat any see if it goes into retreat fingers crossed xgins

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Aww (((gins)))..... I hate seeing how your struggle goes on, it must be so horrid for you having to cope with these symptoms. Do you think that by having the bandages on your legs, the fluid is now accumulating round your middle........hmmmm Foggy decides to go off on an unhelpful tangent and suggest that gins may be the first to trial neck to toe mummification and start a whole new method of treatment ! gins, you know I care, and that was just a silly thought, but I really hope that now the legs are beginning to go down, things will start to improve in every direction for you, you cope with so much and yet you retain humour . Foggy salutes you and sends lots of gentle hugs xx


oh foggy thank you I think you have the answer top to tail mummyfication if they used bubble wrap I would sweat gallons and loose pounds - hehe by the way my lower legs are a wicked shap never looked so lovely:) xgin


Oh good gins, I was rather worried after I posted that you might think me rude, but I know you have a fab sense of humour and as you have done, you've taken it as it was meant, in jest. However, I am so pleased that your lower legs are now looking so great ........we'll have you on the catwalk yet. Hehehehe :-) :-) Gentle hugs and all nice thingys coming your way. Foggy x


Mummification hee hee does feel that way sometimes doesnt it! Started using them instead of my carpal tunnel wrist supports. They seem to support my wrists better. Plus ones on my knees to help with the pain there. Well at least we know what to go as for halloween this year huh?!xx


What a brilliant notion on are wrists wish I had thought of that I will join you at hallowwwn as I am a marvelous spooky witch hehehehe xgins


Me too! Yeh I only used them outta desperation as wrist supports werent helping. Am forever straining my left wrist and if I wear a tuby bandage doubled over it seems to help stop it happening as often and when it does, it stops me over extending. Great when ur arty crafty like me and cant sit without doing something!xx


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