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Rugby tackles - super woman reaches for the skies - witch makes bad take off- major landing if large fibromite sounds like

a meteor has crashed near me . NO IT IS ME here I am sitting well lying upon the floor fortunately pudding (GREEDY ME) has landed up turned under the chair. THE LOVELY DOG IS VERY CONCERNED AND A GREAT DEAL OF LICKING AND TAIL WAGGIN is goi on. What really occured I think I tripped over the carpet edge (classic accident) Ten minutes before I could pull myself into the chair - nothing broken just more sore areas to contend with.

I really must go for more landing lessons if am to fall so easily and heavily maybe we could set up classes in the art of relaxed falling or staying upright :)

I find myself with no excuses just one of those things I believe an enourmous number of accidents happen in the home so please tighten your girrdles and ensure all runways are clear of debries including animals warning lights can be purchased xgins

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So glad you are alright and nothing is broken I love the way you turn a disaster into a laugh... Something to get your OH doing today fastening all carpets and rugs down and then making you a bubble wrap onsie..

Speedy recovery



a bubble wrap onsie wonderful I could be a sumo wrestler and bounce of every thing


Aww gins, you do make me laugh but at the same time feel so sorry, how horrid to trip and fall like that, it only takes a split second and bang you've fallen. What a good suggestion of VG, that you wrap yourself in bubble wrap, thinking laterally (whatever that means, it just popped into my head and sounded good so thought Id use it ;-) ) it could have double benefits, firstly to aid less damage falling and also, given its heat retaining properties you will of course be slimski within a week because the weight will fall off you, it will be like being in a sauna, 24/7 so you won't have to give up your pubs and choc :-) hhmmmm just a thought from my adled brain.

Seriously tho, do get OH to get carpet corners sorted, we can't having you falling over all the time, sending you big but gentle hugs as you are so bruised. Muchly. Foggy x


Be careful, Gins - you are a treasure and we don't want you damaged - who else would make us laugh?

Advice from Moffy: get yerself a parachute!

Moffy x


Sign me up for landing lessons and a onsie oh can you throw in a parachute as well please. Love sithy


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