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Lurker comes out!

Hello everybody, long term lurker and occasional poster. I have FM and ME and nerve damage to my back, spinal structure (not cord) and recently problems with my right hip, whole pelvis and carpel tunnel in my right wrist as well as mildly in my left from years and years of being on and off crutches. I have been given "gutter crutches" by my physio, not nearly as cool as my Kowsky "stealth" ones which are black so go with any outfit...anyway, I'm going off topic. I went out with new gutter crutches and endured the walker verses crutches lecture from my mother, it's a well known and oft visited debated between us. She is right though and I have recently looked at getting a tri walker for going out and about. My question to you all is do you have one? Does it help and how? How did you get over using something for disabled people? That last one is my biggest reason for not taking the plunge. I am 27, I have dyed red hair, tattoos and piercings so am reasonably alt and a part time model.

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hi Raffael,

you could get one and pimp it!

my friend has o.a and she bought one with a seat.

it helps her to get around and walk straighter and for longer.



Thank you sandra, I am still looking and shopping around there seems to be some nice colours about but I am thinking it's more of a mental hurdle. I need to put my big girl pants on and jump on over it...am thinking one to match my hair


I have a red mobility scooter which makes life easier.

I have seen one with lots of mirrors like a mods scooter! :)

anything can be fun.



I live in the country so a scooter is not practical, would just be nice to go out without having to impose on friends to carry my shopping/help me/make sure I don't fall/cry/scare small children and little dogs.


Know how u feel! Stic.k doesnt go with an alternative image! But try to think about the benefits of using it. If it will help, get one, bugger whether it looks good! And like sandra said you can always decorate it! Car sprays are pretty reasonable and good range of colours xx


Hi Raffael

I use a 4 wheeled stroller with a seat, I could'nt go out without it but like you I did'nt want to use it to start with because I kept thinking what other people would say, it took a while but got used to the idea now I can sit down when indeed to and just forget about what people might think we use these aids etc to help us with our medical problems at least we can still get out and about. :-)


thank you everybody, I have physiotherapy tomorrow afternoon so I will have a talk with him and see if I can trial one before financially committing myself to at the very least £50 I cannot really afford. ((gentle hugs))


Whilst in Physio, ask for an Occupational Therapist referral; My physio/OT department got me a Rollator (4 wheels and seat) and it cost me nothing as it is a Medical Loan.

Cheers, Midori


I do have a specialist OT and my physiotherapist is a musculoskeletal therapist, I am not sure about the rollator though, is it not too big to get on and off buses? I would like to be able to fold it and things for when I go in car or have a tiny bus with very convenient grab rail right down the middle of the tiny steps meaning that a normal person has to think thin and go in sideways. i have no idea why I'm obsessing over this, sorry everybody x


Hi, I totally understand what you are saying. It took me over 2 yrs of terrible pain, gutter sticks, crutches and Fischer sticks to realise none of these were helping me.

I went to my local Clearwell mobility shop and bought a Days tri walker. Silver chrome with a little black bag attached to the front. It comes with brakes and I named it Mary! The reason I named her Mary was because I didn't want to address it all the time with 'I'm taking my walker' so I named her, like she's my friend. Now I can walk much further without as much pain. Don't get me wrong I still really ache and need to stop and sit down but it's much easier with Mary!

It took me a few outings and now I just don't care what people think. I also bought a second hand wheelchair for longer trips out and it's called 'Stan'.....lol

Good luck


I never thought about naming it to make it a friend! What a great idea! I went to physio today gave back the gutter crutches. They are looking into a quad rollator, at the moment I am okay with the idea but that may change next week when I have my appointment...I have said I want it to match my hair or in black so it will go with anything. I have explained to my therapist that it is just a mental issue and I need to have a chat with myself, so I bought myself and ereader to get over the shock :)


Hey Raffael,

Once you get it you'll feel so much better, name her or him and start to enjoy getting out and about.

Good luck with it all and just remember you are the same person but you just need a little bit of help with standing, leaning, walking and a sense of stability.

Let us all know hunni hugs x


Thank you everybody :) 'least I'm not the only one and needed the support right now


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