My friends I seem to at last have found a provider of large/ wide shoes sandels boots canvas everything you

can think of for men and ladies Hurrah I am so excited I am letting you all know the relief of finding shoes size 8 6x my feett will relax instantly may even help my spine :) who well lt wider fits tel 01933311077 good luck they are on the internet same name

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  • I saw their brochure when I was in the waiting room of my son's podiatrist - just had a quick look but remember thinking they were a bit pricey. I don't mind paying for a decent pair but feel wary about buying something I can't try on before I buy.

  • You are right Lima but desparation takes us places we would not other wise go. To find a pair that would fit my feet is a joy at ginssize 8 six x width they are very far and few between. xgins

  • My husband has problems with arthritis in his feet so they might be worth considering for him - were you able to get them VAT free?

  • yes they are vat free if you enter the right bracket

  • There's a firm called 'Shandals' which you can look up on line. They make shoes to measure - you send your measurements to them, and they're money-back guaranteed They're expensive, but apparently last for years and can be repaired. I haven't had any yet, but people I know who have bought them are very pleased.

    Moffy x

  • the plus size home shopping catalogues also sell wide fitting shoes

    simplybe, marisota, fashionworld etc

  • Cosyfeet based in Street in Somerset also do loose shoes and can be VAT free if you sign a declaration. They do have a website and have found them to be helpful. The shoes are not good looking.

    On not so bad days I also wear shoes from Duo who also do a wide range of widths, VAT charged in full these are very good looking shoes.

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