The most gorgeous doctor!

The most gorgeous doctor!

I was chatting to one of our members just now, and saying that I had been treated by a wonderful doctor in Paris, having taken ill there a few years ago.

He was SO good-looking, and his accent was dreamy. "'Phwoaaar" would be the word, I think!

So, if you could be anywhere in the world, where would you be, and which would be your ideal doctor?

Go on - this is the Fun Factory - you can go anywhere you like, have anything you want, just choose, the dishiest, most skilled and most charming doctor in the world, and he's ALL YOURS!

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  • I don't care what he looks like as long as he is a good plastic surgeon I can pull back my face and tie it in a bun.... :(

  • In all honesty, before I join in with the world wide look for a male fatale dr, I must say that my GP is drop dead gorgeous, as he's a triathlete he must be fairly fit and to cap it all he has the most lovely Irish accent. If I was ten years younger and not married, well............let me say, it would be game set and match as far as I'm concerned. My knees have been known to wobble in a very embarrassing fashion when on occasion, having given me a particularly painful cortisone injection into my shoulder, before it was replaced, he used to say, you look like you could do with a hug and wrapped his arms round me........hey ho....if he could prescribe that on a daily basis, I'd be one happy bunny. :-). :-). Foggy x

  • LOL - I find it more effective to wear a paper bag - and turn the lights down low!

    I am still drooling over that French doctor, tho' - and it was four years ago.

    'E 'ad ze accent most delicieuse, and ze 'ands! Zut Alors! Ze 'ands was most soft and soozink!

  • Coo, Foggy!!!!!!

    Am hopping on the 'bus to your place - must meet this marvellous Irishman!

    Get the kettle on!

    Moffy x

  • Whoops, got that one wrong, it should have read " if I i was ten years younger and HE was not married " - as I never been married sadly

  • Hey you obviously smelt the coffee moffy, I'd just put the kettle on hee hee.

    But the real winner is he is the best diagnostic dr in the practice and he, as he understands fibro (unlike my previous one who would rather do anything other than looking after patients) and with the other medical issues I have, he actually suggested that I might like to change over to his list, which I did immediately and with great joy.

  • Knocks moffy out the way with her crutches then mows her down with her mobility scooter.. Hey foggy does he have an identical twin brother that does plastic surgery

  • Ah ha............don't you think I'd be first in line.........elbows VG out of the way.

  • Boards hang glider and leaves you all behind in a heap! I'm gonna get me a man! :D

    Moffy the mantrap xxx

  • Has arrived at the surgery and has warned Barry of the impending onslaught and we have taken to a bunker deep beneath surgery to ward off all you fibromites.........Shute had the insight to take provisions of cake, meringues cream and all things choccy to placate him whilst defence system are in place......... Ha ha haha ha...........

  • You are on first name terms .......... Wahhhhhhhh

  • Oh yes, very much so, it helps that one of the other doctors in the practice has been a friend for a long time and there have been social things that we have been together at.......he is a scream when he wants to be, but is just the very best GP I've ever had and believe me I've seen a view over the years. making my friends jealous.......grins wickedly

  • Yummy yum yum, slurp (burp)!

  • Dr Jeremy Kyle......nom nom! xx

  • Jeremy Kyle was never my sort until I saw him helping children with cancer and then his interview about his own testicular cancer......what a brave man to come on live tv and be interviewed about a life threatening event which had occurred over the Christmas period. Kudos to him. Foggy

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