I'm so glad

I am so glad that i have at long last got my oppressive feelings off my chest however i am in absolute agony with the stress and upset by the behaviour and attitudes of certain individuals,this site was once a lovely happy place to be until power crazed people took over and made a mockery of it all,so for that give yourselves a pat on the back won't you! i have come across cliquey bossy people so often in my life you do not unite anyone with your behaviour you simply segregate and divide.

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  • O della I hope your feeling better in the morning. This incident has upset so many people tonight as evidenced by the amount of people blogging talking and asking questions. Incidents like this leave an awful taste in the mouth. Please feel free to private msg me if you need to talk. Try to distract yourself this evening by doing something which takes your mind of all this unpleasentness. Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully a fair resolution will be implemented.

    Dixie x

  • Thanks Dixie sweet dreams off to snuggle with my pooches and a bag of minstrels!xxx

  • I am just as shocked as you all I have no idea why these PMs were sent but they were and by someone who has no thought for all the ill people on this forum yes every volunteer and FA person has fibro and more I am sitting here saddened and distressed that one person could come on here and upset so many people

    I have a hospital appt in the morning I planned to get an early night but I am here trying to read messages I don't know how I have got and am in pain too but I am still trying to help


  • Go to bed VG

    Like us all here, you have Fibro, and with a hospital appointment tomorrow you need your rest. I am sure the people who have PM'd you will understand that sometimes you just have to put yourself first.

  • I agree with Em you should go get some sleep and allow for a cooling off period. The uncertainty miscommunication ill feeling and upset this incident has caused this evening cannot be good for our stress levels and we all know stress causes flares. Too many nice individuals have been hurt in this situation and that upsets me as much as I know it has upset many others.

    Regardless of who is right or wrong in this matter we all need to accept the fact that we're only human and sometimes miscommunication leads to misunderstandings happening which given our condition and tolerance levels sometimes gets blown out of proportion. I am not by any means diminishing anyones pain or trying to down play their upset feelings in this situation so hopefully no one is offended by my observation.

    Tonight has certainly affected many and I can only hope that tomorrow brings a new perspective to the matter.

    I deff have seen a diff atmosphere on this site lately and must confess to feeling a little put off by the feeling/ perception of certain 'cliques' forming particularly in regards to some and I stress the word some of the funs blogs. I thought This may be a personal perception so didnt raise the issue but after talking to others tonight its one a few other members share

    I believe and accept that this has not been the intent of the bloggers but never the less I think the feeling of isolation and exclusion should be highlighted and addressed by admin/volunteers as it may go some way towards diffusing an underlying tension and help reunite the site.

    Dixie x

  • Dixie I totally appreciate your point and I have asked on many occasions for everyone to join in the silly threads.. The reason it seems that only certain people are mentioned is that I ask anyone used in a thread for their permission to be included and only by people posting in the thread can I see who to ask .. I would never use anyone randomly on the forum as they might be horrified and embarrassed I hope that clears things up regarding it looking like a clique but I will never name people who haven't expressed a wish to be included by name Personlly in the silly threads... Yesterday's was particularly open for everyone to join should they wish as it was how would you like to travel if you had no illness...

    I hope this clears up one small matter for you

    VG x

  • Well it doesn't I'm afraid! Please stop commenting on my blog!

  • Thank you for the clarification VG and as I said in my post its probably more about my perception rather than the intent of the bloggers of the fun posts. We all have our good and bad days and as a result our perception can become altered and at times a bit skewiffy. I have joined in some of the more 'general' fun posts but in relation to others have felt like an outsider looking in and didnt want to intrude on a 'circle of friends'. This in all fairness may be down to the fact that I was off forum for quiet some time and have come back to new groupings and alliances and it takes time to ge bk into the swing of things and feel comfortable with the makeup of the site.

    I am glad that I was able to air my feelings in regards to the feeling of myself and a few others of a growing 'clique' like mentality or to put it more nicely 'exclusive circle of friends' on certain posts. if the admin and volunteers look back at the posts they may see how this perception might have developed and take steps to address it; as I might add that I see your already doing by adding the piece on your latest blog about everyone who wants to is invited to partake so thank you kindly for that as it might encourage others skulking in the wings and feeling a bit intimidated by the exisiting obvious brohomie ( think thats a word lol) between certain members, to come out of their shell and join in if they wish.

    Once agan let me say how saddened I am to witness this dispute and see the stress pain and hurt it has causd too ALL involved I like many others are now hoping that things calm fown cool heads and warm hearts prevail and a resolution is found.

    Deff dont want to loose any more good people and my thoughts are with those who felt they had to leave hopefully their departure will not be permenent


    Dixie x

  • Well said and put across thanks Dixie x

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