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Good sleep has been my best medication this weekend. What a difference it makes

Good sleep has been my best medication this weekend.  What a difference it makes

I have had 2 nights good sleep thanks to Nytol. I got up today at 9am !! and I feel a diffrent person. I'm still in pain but thats normal for me, My hands ache my legs ache but ive just taken the dog out and i did the whole 15 mins walk without wincing and having to have the dog pull me up the hill :)

I have a 6 stone Boxer male and he wears a harness and as soon as we get to the hill he pulls me up. He's got to a stage were he knows he's helping me get up the hill. Normally he's sniffing and peeing up every lampost, brick wall.. anything really its a nightmare his nose is permantly on the floor following the scents of other dogs so he can pee on it.

But we get to the hill and he just goes into overdrive, head up and hes like a machine till we get to the top then he goes back to been a pain for sniffin and peeing in every gatehole or gutter. Im sure he knows it his job to get me up the hill

But today he didnt need to I kept up with him he didnt get no tention on the harness i'm so happy !!!!

I know its a small thing to folk who dont have this to live with each day but today has been a big confidence boost for me... I felt like a normal dog walker instead of an old lady being dragged up the hill by her dog.

I just thought id share that possitive thought with everyone. We can have realy good days aswel as really bad days :))

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While I totally agree sleep is indeed the best medicine , and yes i do have great night meds that help me sleep and that is indeed half the battle , I have to point out to anyone who DIDNT read last nights blog about nytol, Please check it does not interact with meds you are already taking, your pharmacist should be able to advise if you tell them what meds you are on, as quite a few interact with nytol and will make you drowsy in the day, which you need to be aware of if you are driving. driving under certain meds and combinations invalidates your insurance should you have an accident.

VG x


VG, I did take your advise, I had no intentions of going out in my car today and because i have had a very good sleep last night i have not needed to take co-codamol today either. I was fine with the gaba and nytol with no side effects it was after i had taken the co-codamol that i became dizzy. But your are right to warn others about the interactions with meds...

Its always best to check and try them before driving, Thats the mistake i made yesterday, i had taken my gaba in the morning as usual with breakfast and i was fine. It was only later in the morning i had decided to take the co-codamol just b4 setting off to my mates house 7 miles was a few hrs later that the dizzyness came on as soon as the co-codamol kicked in. But in my defence co-codamol dont usually have that effect on me so it was most likely the co-codamol interacting with they nytol still in my system.

The leaflet in the nytol only mentions not to be used with antidepressants or beta blockers, it didnt warn about anything else, maybe it should have more warnings in the pack. And i got them from asda off the shelf, so u would assume being herbal they are harmless.

X Shelley


Hello Everyone,

Nytol contains a medication called Diphenhydramine. Please be aware it is considered the best advice to always check with your GP/Pharmacist whether any over counter medication used to aid sleep can be taken alongside your existing prescribed medication. The GP may like to address your lack of sleep / insomnia by writing a prescription for a something that can be taken with your existing medications.

Taking Nytol without advice from the GP and information on drug interactions you may put yourself at risk.

Please consider seeking advice from your GP as they are aware of your medications, medical history, allergies and will be able to provide professional advice on the best treatment for you personally for insomnia.

Many Thanks



Thanks Emma, I'm unfortunate to have a gp that only advises increasing my co-codamol and gabapentin over the recommended limit. And he prescribed Sertraline, even though i told him I have to work and can only get to my job via car... He wasnt bothered. So thats why i took the decition to buy herbal, the first thing i did was read the advise leaflet in the box... It had no warnings other than dont take with antidepressants or beta blockers.

I had no errands to do today so i knew i was not going to be driving si i did have a nytol last night and slept well, well enough to not need co-codamol so thats to me is a bonus.

I will speak to the pharmacy tomorrow, my friend is the pharmacist at my local chemist. I can nip in and see him tomorrow.

Thanks Emma X


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