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Its Cold and Bright I find the wamth is uncomfortable

and I have to - my dismay - sores on my hip line any one any suggestions as to what to use the cold is equaly horrid my bones seem to tighten and the muscles object. To which you are told to keep warm and then the other prob occurs. I have tried baby powder, antiseptic cream, cold water wash and pat dry what next please.

To eliminate this extra discomfort would be a marvelous thing :) xgins

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Hi gins , I swear by sudocrem , have used it since my son was born. For him then found it worked great on slight sunburn minor cuts and sores and when I was in hospital and couldn't get out of bed easily I took the skin off my elbows trying to move around the bed and it was good old sudocrem that I plastered on and it relieved it in a very short time, if you have tried this or something similar I would advise sending your OH on a mission to the chemist to ask for advice or phoning your GP as none of us want you to be in pain and this get worse , we want you on here....

VG x


Thanks pretty lady xgins


E45 helped me.

hug (( :) ))



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