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Ticker fine

Well tests done, ticker is fine they tell me so thats good.

Got asthma and now a prolapsed bladder that needs operation after trying the exercises the doc says they won't work but you always have to try them out, as if I not been doing them for years.

Going to be trying LDN for the pain but we will see if doc will prescribe or if I need to get elsewhere. Will keep you posted.

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Hi glad about the heart , sorry about the asthma and bladder probs. The only thing that worries me is you say you are going to try LDN for the pain and if the DR won't prescribe you will get it elsewhere... Where is elsewhere as I always worry about buying medication online.. You never know what you could end up with... Please put my mind at rest

VG xx


Don't worry I am not silly not from some dodgy place but a proper GP and the dose is tiny. I will always discuss with my own GP before doing anything. She says not necessary for it to be aproved in UK just needs to see evidence of usage helping to be able to give private script and then she con safely monitor iven if she cannot prescribe. All would be safely done x


hi devonlady

i agree with VG so many bad reports about online meds , some do not even contain the required ingrediants and can contain cancer causing elements

if Dr does not prescribe it , it will be for a very good reason, we all have different co illnesses tho i do share asthma with you ( i developed it after pleurisy and pneumonia) i also have arthritis amongst other things

you sound really concerned , more by what you don't say rather than what you do ?

is is the operation ?

at least it will be fixed once and for all

as VG asks please let us know

i will happily respond to personal message if you would rather

take care xx


Having anything going wrong with the lungs is not good. I have lung disease which cannot be cured and often wish it was something like asthma that can be reversed with inhalers. So you may be okay there. I hope the operation works for you for your bladder. Mine is overactive so tena are doing extremely well out of me. But I think things are sent to try us just to see how much more we can cope with. And we tend to just get on with it as best we can.

I agree with VG & IJ. If your GP will not prescribe it then do not get it online. You hear stories of fake drugs all the time and this could be a very bad idea for you. Low dose Naltrexone is basically for MS and some cancer patients. There is no saying that anything you would buy would be lowdose and this worries me a great deal. I really hope you do not resort to buying it online. But I also wish you well in trying to get it from your GP xxxxx


Gp will monitor if she prescribes or not so please don't worry about that side of things I will not ever buy drugs from anywhere that is not a registerd pharmacy withing the UK. Sorry if alarmed anyone xx


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