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Things that are going on

A lot of things have been going on. I in a wheelchair because of Cerebral Palsy & always fallen down a lot. I have Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, have water retention, & I have accidents. I had kidney cancer three years ago, had half of my left kidney removed. I still go for check ups. I lean over my left side in my wheelchair because of my Cerebral Palsy.

My support coordinator is trying to get my insurance to make adjustment to my wheelchair, like something to sit me up straighter, raise up my feet for my swelling in my feet,ankles & legs. But I have to wait 4 months for them to approve or decline it. I hope they approve it.

More to cone. I also I fibromyalgia.

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Gosh that is a lot for anyone to put with... I really hope your insurance comes through for you

Good luck



Hi peggy ann

Wow your not kidding when you say you've a lot going on. Hopefully you are getting support for your health conditions from health professional family & friends and here on the site your getting advice, info, empathy and friendship.

Its a disgrace that you have to wait for the adjustments you need to make your life more confortable but hopefully your support co-ordinator will push hard on your behalf and your request will be approved. Untill then look after yourself

Dixie x


Hi Peggy Ann, you must be one exceptional lady and there should be people queuing up to help you, unfortunately we do not live in that kind of society, by the sound of things you are just waiting in limbo to hear off a faceless person working in an office who may have no idea what each day is like for you and the battle you have just getting on the best you can, I hope the decision goes in your favour. Lots of love and gentle hugs xxxxx


Bless you, you have a lot to cope with. It's a shame that the help is not always forth coming. Wishing you well and good luck. We are all here to support and listen. Take care x


wishing you all the luck in the world you are so brave with all you have to cope with.xxxxx


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