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Yesterday I had an appointment at the chest clinic to rule out sleep apnoea.I will have an appointment sent in the post to go and collect the equipment needed to do a sleep study myself at home hmm that could be interesting,I struggle to keep my splint on the finger I broke so I'm not sure how I'll keep their equipment on, that's if I can remember how to work it lol.

Today I had an appointment with my GP.She's lovely but insistent,so I didn't manage to wriggle out of the referral she made for Drs to have a look down my throat with a camera! I've been having a lot of trouble eating and swallowing which I think is due to fibro weakening the muscles in my throat but my GP wants the hospital to have a proper look, oh joy!

I've also been given Tramadol to try and have fallen asleep each time I have taken it so far,I guess wont be planning too much for a while lol.

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Hello Amanda,

Hope you are feeling well. Tramadol made me sleepy when I first took it and now I do not notice any side effects personally. Tramadol is reported to be effective in Fibro pain relief because it has a serotonin pathway, as according to research we have low serotonin. It helps increase serotonin and this is why it is said to help the pain. But it doesn't suit everyone , as with all medications some people respond better to one and then others do not. I couldn't get on with Amitriptyline for instance but some find it very effective.

Regarding you throat I thought this thread may be of interest as others discuss throat problems:


I'm glad your GP is taking steps to check things over as better to cover all bases and gather as much information as possible. He/she can then make an accurate diagnosis.

Please keep us posted on how things go

All the best



Hi Amanda the endoscopy isn't bad ...if they offer you sedation I would choose that option I was out like a light don't remember it at all my oh went for the spray down the throat option he said it wasn't that bad .... Hmm ..... he has the pain threshold of an ox ....only difference you have to hang around the hospital for a while after sedation whereas my oh came straight home

Good luck



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