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Rheumatologist Appointment


Morning All

I have my 1st appointment next week and would be grateful if you could let me know what to expect and if there are any tests that I should ask for?

Graves 10 years had rai and the whole of the gland was knocked out. Little blips over the years till this year thyroid unstable for couple of months started supplementing and had medichecks thyroid panel done aGP is sure it's fibro also have to see ophthalmologist re TED any advice be much appreciated

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Hi Louby, at my rheumatology appointment, the doc asked me lots of questions about my symptoms and previous tests/medical history and then examined me with lots of poking and manipulating of joints. He then handed me a leaflet and talked to me about fibromyalgia and handed me back to my GP for management. He basically just confirmed what I already suspected - didn't do any more tests as everything he would have tested for had already been done and as it's all on computer these days he could see all former results.

Not sure if that's helpful to you or not.

Louby- in reply to notmebutme

Thank you appreciate that.

Have a restful Friday x


Hello hun- I,m not sure if you know but we have a mother sight that helps with thyroid issues? just use the "my communities" use the +browse and you should get loads of help there. as for fibro, I have made myself a word document of everything fibro does to me, including fibro fog (or cog impairment) take this with you to the rheumo doc, I,m afraid bloods dont show fibro at all , BUT the doc might want to rule out other things and check levels of B12, iron etc.. Keeping a word doc also helps if you have to claim ESA or PIP along the way.. Good luck let us know what develops from your appt.

desquinnAdministrator in reply to Hidden

the mother site (fmauk.org) does not deal with thyroid issues but focusses on fibromyalgia. However there are other sources of information on thyroid including a group on HealthUnlocked.

but as NurseGladys says fmauk.org has lots of useful info on fibro and you can request a patient booklet and other info from there as well.

Louby- in reply to desquinn

Thank you that's helpful, much appreciated x

Will take a look

Have a good Friday x

Louby- in reply to Hidden

Thank you, that's a good idea, have been making notes, when I remember, will pop over to other site

Have a good Friday x

Louby- in reply to Hidden

Thank you for all your advice

I do keep notes, when I remember! Word doc sounds so much more efficient thanks for that advice.

Have a peaceful restful Friday xx


Are there any useful booklets around for family members to have on fibromyalgia that could be recommended?

Hi Louby

Sorry you are feeling apprehensive about your appointment and you live with Grave's Disease. If you wish to discuss your Thyroid results here on HealthUnlocked you can do so by visiting the HU site that is run solely by the charity Thyroid UK, link below;


As mentioned above this community is run by FMAUK a UK charity for those living with Fibro. Other charities do use the HU platform to run their own communities however they are not connected to each other apart from the fact they use HealthUnlocked sites to provide a platform for people to gain an online support network.

I am sure the Thyroid UK charity site here on HU will be able to help interpret your results and other members here can help with things to consider when going to your appointment.

All the best

Emma :)

Louby- in reply to Mdaisy

Thanks for the link Emma

Much appreciated, still trying to get my head around it all 😬

Have a restful Friday xx

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