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Recovering after hystorectomy

Hi all fibro friends,

I had a hstorectomy a week ago and at home now recovering and was told I will be unable to do a lot of things which Is already driving me mad having to depend on others is not something I enjoy but told I need to except all the help I can get any way have any of you got any ideas for hobbies that I can do for the next 3months all ideas well come. X dubai.

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Hi dubai

I sympthaise with you wholeheartedly :-)

For most of us with fibromyalgia our worse nightmare is being dependent on others; as perfectionist and over achievers we believe no one else can do it as well as ourselves and as a result we end up very independent and loath asking for help. Perhaps this hysterectomy was meant to serve as a 'time out' to teach you about slowing down, listening to your body enjoying life, and stopping to 'smell the roses' if so I do hope you take the time to rest and recuperate and regain 'full health'.

Activities you might try during this period could include, arts and crafts- painting by numbers, jewellry making, stich cross, glass painting felt making etc reading, writin poetry or short stories, complete word searches daily cross words or jigsaws.

The internet is also a fabulous tool you could write a daily blog about your recovery, join relevant online support groups, try geneology or tracing your family tree as its more commonly known, enter competitions to win fabulous prizes, create music via programmes like garage band. In 6 weeks or so when your feeling a bit more active try activities like gardening, gentle walking or swimming .

I wish you a good recovery take care of yourself

Hugs dixie xx


hi dubai ,

i agree with dixie i have staterded painting by numbers i got my on line from amazon , i only do a bit at a time due to getting tired and all that goes with fibro , i even found playing games on face book helps , just listen to your body and rest when u can ,

i to had a full hystorectomny about 13yrs back so i know its frustraiting , a op like that sets the fibro of i found , im glad you got the help you need ,dont over to did ,it took me about 8 weeks to get right ,with slow walks ,

hope you feel better soon x

hugs tink x


When you feel stronger what about photography? Learn to play a musical instrument. Quilting. Good luck and do your best to enjoy your enforced rest.


Hi Dubia

The one thing I cannot stress enough, is please, please, please don't try and do anything yourself. I know it is difficult especially if you are usually quite independent. I learnt this at my cost when I had a hysterectomy and thought I would have a bath by myself. I ended up collapsing when trying to get out of the bath because I started to feel sick. By the time my husband came home about 30 minutes later I had vomited, and was collapsed on the bathroom floor starkers and crying my eyes out. I was in such a state and ended up really delaying my recovery, because as my husband said "I was to hard headed"


Hi all and thank you for all ur advice and ideas they sound great I thinki will give the jewlery making ago will keep u all upto date with my recovery x


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