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Medication problems

Hi I have a little prob with meds at the moment, in the past I have tried amitriptyline,pregabalin and now on gabapentin. I like gabapentin better than the other 2 for my pain but I find it makes my anxiety worse! It does contain an antidepressant which helps but in my case it's my anxiety that brings on depression. Does anybody know what the is the best medication for this or if I can take an anti anxiety drug along side gabapentin ? Many thanks, shell xxx

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Good Morning Shell,

I see you are feeling more anxious lately and you are wondering what medication might be best to help you with anxiety. I would consider going to see your GP as he/she can advise you taking into account your medical history and other medications you may take already.

Have you ever tried and felt any help from relaxation techniques or meditation?

Can you identify the trigger for your anxiety and try to avoid that situation or does it happen whenever?

I understand it must be not very nice to feel bouts of anxiety. Please see the links below that may contain information that may be of help.

FibroAction Expert Patient series anxiety & stress advice:

Hope this helps



Definitely discuss this with your GP. Gabapentin isn't exactly an anti-depressant, though the way many drugs used for Fibro interact with the neurotransmitters often implicated in depression is complicated.

Unless you have mild Fibro, it would be unusual if one medication alone gave optimum symptom control. Most people with moderate to severe Fibro need multi-medications and a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment.


i didnt know gabapentin contained any antidepressant, to my knowledge its an anti epileptic drug that they discovered worked well for neuropathic pain????


Yes gabatentin is an epileptic drug but I thought it helped with depression as previously I was taking pregabalin and it caused me depression so doctor changed my to this and said it should help with my depression. The neurotin drug is good for most of my aches and pains but no anxiety, hopefully I can take another drug along side this so I don't have to start from scratch again! Thanks everyone for yr helpful comments ,very grateful x


Sounds like your GP has got it wrong, from what I have read about Gabapentin, there is an increased risk of depression.


Gabapentin does not "contain" an antidepressant afaik

The Wiki article (so possibly not 100% info!) says that Gabapentin is sometimes used in mental health conditions, but has very limited uses and limited evidence for this:


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