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frosty morning

got the dreaded form yesterday and my freind helping me fill it in ,even shes confussed with it ,as much as me , going to see doc next week for a support letter ,and mentle health team . .

Flat coming along nicley so should get keys next week , iv been so tired latley and still not sleeping ,my pain pacthes havnt started working yet ,,got to cut out my tramadol slowley due to ingridents in the pacth ,

my good freind comes today so will be looked after fpr a couple of days ,hope im up to it to go out for my birthday lunch tommrow ,

all have a good day as tired again

soft hugs

tink xx

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hi hope u enjoy your birthday lunch take care

love beth x


Hi tinks

Hope you had a nice time with your friend...xx

I see you have the dreaded best move was getting an appointment with a CAB. She was lovely...she has an aunty with similar condition so I was lucky. Make sure you give good long ' all-symptoms' included- and make sure you let them understand that there are a few good days - followed by bad days - followed by-hellish days & what that is like. a good idea to spend a couple of hours thinking about how illness affects you by writing down every symptom you ever had - every treatment you have tied and the outcome.

And remembering how you spent yours days before being ill - what the illness has taken away from your life. Socially - physically - mentally - everything. The forms are not easy and the interviews are worse.......

.good luck tinks......x

gentle hugs


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