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My Tribunal

Sorry I've not been on for a while, but been feeling very down, my doc has diagnosed me with depression, but no tabs are working, but I'm writing on here to ask for any tips or ideas.I've appealed against the decision the DLA made on my benefits. I had been getting the higher rate of mobility for the last 3 years, but since renewing my claim they are now saying I'm not entitled to it. I still get the low rate care, as I struggle to cook a meal, ie lifting pans, or anything in and out of oven due to weak wrists and swollen fingers etc.

I decided to appeal as I feel I have nothing to lose as they have already taken it off me I have RA and Fibro, and I feel my walking has got worse, and don't feel confident anymore to go out alone, even driving the car is becoming a nightmare.

I have been in touch with CAB and they are going to help me get some recomendations from my gp and consultant. What I was wondering is if anyone else has gone through this have you got any tips or recomendations of what I should be finding out or taking with me.Anything would be very grateful, thanks. Hope everyone is not in too much pain with this cold weather.

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Oh dear how awful for you.

Have you any ideas why they have taken high mobility away from you? So what suddenly you are better, it's crazy?


they done this to me as well took my high rate mobility and my middle rate care in august last year, get as much supporting letters as you can, i was at appeal yesterday and they make you feel like a criminal, I will not know outcome till they letter me, dont feel confident but if the refuse me I will appeal again n fight them all the way, plz do sme hang in there x


I know how you feel had my medical in march still waiting for my appeal ! Look at joining benifits to work they give lots of help !I lost an appeal over a year ago as I did not answer the right questions! This time I will be prepared ! Do look at it ! Hope your depression lifts am the same ! It is not worth making yourself worse you have enough to contend with ! Hope this is of help to you ! Good luck !!


Thanks everyone, this time I am getting as much support as I can, last time I went with nothing, and thinks that is why they rail roaded me into surrendering defeat, they knew they had me over a barrel.


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