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no one will listen

went to gp again today following ultrascan done privately .said gallstones.dr wouldn't do anything til received a letter to confirm it .why don't they do anythingis nothing considered serious anymore.

they will still not listen to me re my abdomen.i showed them al the stories I have of people with ovarian cysts and ovarian cancer where scans don't show anything and they dismiss all the symptons all he said was i had had scans- .telling him that they were before I had increased abdomen and lumps came home and cried.what do I have to do?why is it only my dogs care fro me.i need to be there for my dogs and so scared if anything happens to me.

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Insist on it,, or ask them for a real explanation of why not. I felt neglected once in hospital and I won't let that happen again. Also you can ask for a copy of your notes . I am getting them incase I am neglected at some other time. Insist on being heard . Good luck


Yes always get a copy of your notes, once my notes to the GP from the hospital got lost and he had to photocopy my own hospital copy for his records..

VG x


I have basic details which were in letter from Gp to rheumy.i am going to contact nhs and complain as have had no contact from practice manager


Anbuma have you the opportunity to change GPS at all ..... or a chance to explain how he makes you feel...when I first saw this GP we had a big misunderstanding, I wrote him a letter which I handed to him explaining how I felt and since then we have got on great...I totally trust him

Hope either of these two options is possible

Fingers crossed



thank you VG.changing gp is not an option.i was due to meet with practice manager and dr on 3rd jan which they cancelled as she was meeting still has not going to contact my primary care trust and complain.i do trust my dr and I will try a letter btu don't know if that will do any good when they wont budge.i have written a further letter to the practice manager about my concerns so she kknows more.

so frustrated that everytghign I type comes out wrong.


Bless you Anbuma, this is horrendous for you. I can understand why you are so worried about it all.

If you can't manage to see the Practice Manager, would it be possible to make an appointment with another GP at your practice? It would be a good thing to have a second opinion and another Doctor may be more sensitive to your concerns. You are entitled to a second opinion.

Have you tried asking your current GP for a referral as you are so worried about being poorly? Again this is important, so if you manage to see another Doctor perhaps it would be prudent to ask for a referral for tests etc.

I know it's difficult and tiring, but try to be persistent, don't give up, you deserve to receive reassurance and the correct treatment. If you have concerns, a Doctor should listen.

Please know that we are here for you and we will do all we can to help and support you along the way. Any concerns you may have, please ask, we are always only too happy to try to help.

(((hug))) xxx



thank you LIBS.thank you for being here for me.its a greta help to have peopel who understand what we all go thru. youare all a great support.i am so glad i have my own gp is very popular and the surgery lets people see any DR they want regardless of which DR they have registered with therefore it is difficult to get to see my own DR without waiting 3-4 weeks. there is anew DR who I have seen regularly and who was with my own DR when in training.seeing another dr wont make a difference as they will only go on what a previous gp has written.i will try and write a letter today.

one day someone will believe me as my dogs do,they sense I have something wrong.esp my little staffie X she is the most loving other dog doesn't like it when I am upset and will opt to lie out in the garden .they both sleep close to me at night and in the afternoon.i go to bed alone and wake up to two furry bundles curled up next to me.


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