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Appeal atos

Hi update from my first blog got turned down and was told fighting fit for work so sent my appeal letter in , today i have been and got my letter from my doctor to send in , a good letter it is as well , when thought hey maybe i can win this , i get a letter from DLA i have to now go and have a medical for that as well , so all in all two medicals within few weeks each other with the same jokers who sit at a desk thinking they are doctors or whatever they want to be , ticking boxes and deciding on how my illness is ....... they have not got a b****y clue

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Hi, I am in about the same position as you, I too was told I am fit for work by ATOS, my GP went mad, even the lady from DWP who phoned me to say I had got no points after talking to me,told me to appeal straight away and complain too, little things like taking two types of morphine had not made it into the report nor had the fact that I have severe depression and am under a mental health team. The things that made it into the report were laughable including how I can take me coat off with no problems ( shame it was in the car) and how I make breakfast earlier along with hot drinks and do all my house work even through I told him my mum comes round to do it and I don't eat breakfast nor do I drink hot drinks.

I have put in an appeal but now hav to sit and wait, GP has done a great letter and as I am seeing other doctors I am getting them to do letter too. I hope you are successful in your appeal and I wish the government would take more notice from the doctors that treat us day in and out as they are the ones that know if we are ill or not

Caroline xxx

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Hi Caroline

Did they visit you at home? It sounds like it if they were able to comment on your housework. I am going to try and get them to come to me as I'm too ill to go to them. And who helped you fill in the ESA50. A volunteer from an WCA activist group will be visiting me this Friday to fill in my form as I'm unable to. My nerves are shot and my stress levels are soaring as I have to get all my paperwork together and can barely get out of bed.

It really is dreadful how they treat us.

Silky xx


I am sorry you are feeling bad and you have got this ATOS so called medical to get through. I filled out my form on my own, did not know what was involved with what u put on the form . I just told the truth and that led me on to having to go to the medical, at which point I still thought it you tell the truth about what is wrong, you would be believed and be able to claim what I am due. I now know it does work like that.

No they didn't come to my home I got a friend to drive me, I did tell the doctor that although I had made the journey we had had to stop twice as I was ill , this comment never made it on to the report. All I can say is if you can get your GP to do a letter confirming you are too ill to travel and requesting any assessment be carried out in your own home do so.

If you do get a home visit make sure you have someone with you to take notes, I really wish I had done this. I am now waiting for the appeal to go through, I have already sent them a GP letter explaining that i take a lot of drugs including two lots of morphine. so i hope the appeal will go my way, as i am on my own with the kids and the extra money each week would mean i could have the heating on during the day also any further medical s will be in my own home,

I am also very lucky with my GP who calls them names and tells me not to listen to them and tells me we will win the appeal he will make sure.

I do however believe they are making it difficult so a lot of us who are let's face it very ill and normally due to this, most of us are at best under stress and at worse like me suffering from severe depression give up on doing the appeals etc but we have to keep going and appealing and following through while posting any pointers we have found own the web site in the hope that the next wave of people who have to go through this very unfair system and enable more of us to win first time round instead of going through the appeal.

Have you got a firm diagnosis yet, as I think that will help, I haven't got this yet for fibro, but have for heart problems, asthma, vertigo and dizziness, but should find out a final diagnosis by the end of this month

I wish you all the luck in the world on getting through the ATOS process


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