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Been diagnosed with FM today

hi ive just been diagnosed am on sick from work, think they will ask me to leave because I feel so ill I am a support worker. I am currently having seizures or fits waiting to see a neurologist . Been rushed into a and e , five times this year with fits. I dont know if I am goin to be able to carry on working at this rate. what do i do, am I ill enough to get DLA I am a single parent always worked. I feel so angry how did I develop this. what can I do to get help. Ive heard of fibromyalga but thought people could still work and never thought I would be so ill. cant concentrate cant sleep because I wake up four times in a night.

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oh, bless you. its very hard to come to terms with ill health. i do still manage to work, and im sure that you will too. stay positive, and do talk to others, because it is far more common than you may think! xx


Hi jjojay

here is some info about Fibro to start with:

As with many other chronic conditions, the severity varies. Some people can work, some people can work but not in the career they were doing, others can work part-time only, some cannot work (sometimes because finding a flexible enough employer is impossible).

Here is info on Work & Fibro:

Here is info on Benefits & Fibro:

Good luck! :)


Thankyou , I will take a look online at those , I feel so ill at the momment with one thing and another, I am just wacked out after 2pm in an afternoon and seems I can't even read a book as my eyes are so bad x


Strangest thing is , I know someone with Fibro and she can work , and doesn't have all the symptoms I have. I felt hopeful at first because the friend I know is not that bad and works within admin at a school. I feel so dreadful and after 2pm am exhausted . I am on sick and having simekind of fits . It's so awful . I am hoping that treatment and the right meds will give me my life back again .


Hi, I found getting a diagnosis 9 years a mixture of relief of knowing what was wrong with me and a fear of the unknown. A cousin of mine also had fibro and sadly eventually took her life as she was unable to cope anymore. At the time I just couldn't comprehend how she could have been so ill with it as I had been able to manage mine fairly well.However 18 months ago I had a flare up that has been relentless. At the moment I have two choices when I wake up each day, one, is to live the day trying not to do anything to make the pain worse or the other is to take the meds and exsist in a zombie state. I pray each day that things will improve I was so well and active before I became ill that I will always have hope ! I hope you have a good GP that knows about fibro to help you on your way to better health :) Take care look after yourself and take each day as it comes x


Oh my ,, so sorry about your friend that's really awful. I think it's great that we have this site . I can understand the effects of this illness making it really hard on the body and the mind. I feel weak at the moment as each week there's been a new thing. I am struggling to keep positive. The effects financially are not helpings missing so much work. Feel like I was loosing my mind a week ago with all the ailments . So it's gotta be exsteemly hard for everyone , at least I know am not alone there's folks out there just the same as I . I don't feel so alone anymore x Thankyou x



There are lots of members on here with varying degrees and at different stages of fibro

I am ok most of the time as my meds control it well however flares can last 6 months

i don't work but do look after my Grandkids doing school runs and having the 2 year old while his parents are at work ( and i love it )

i found accepting fibro hard even though i have been disabled all my life

the help and spport available on here is brilliant as there always seems to be someone who has a symptom you have so can give you tips, then there is admin who have wonderful helpful suggestions

the main thing is we understand

take care J x


Thankyou for all the helpful advice , it's great hearing people having the same problems. I woke up a little more positive and try to remain so , until something happens like a weird shocking pain . Or my eyes are so sore and painful ect. It's hard this thing that's happening and my moods are odd . I only make sense to myself and my family are finding it hard to understand this new me , different me,, thanks for the reply . X


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