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Happy New Year

Hi all

I hope your new year is getting off to a good start.

Mine was going well until I fell out big time with my brother. I have been trying for months and months to get him to visit mum who lives near me, more than once a year but he puts up excuse after excuse including its my fault she is up here. I supposedly made her and my dad move up!! How I did that I will never know. It was 10 years ago and they are adults and were more than capably of making there own decision. Dad, has since died, but my brothers last email (written by his wife I think) mentioned something my dad supposed to have said to my brother. This comment cut me to the quick ( as i was daddy girl and very close to him) and over night I went from feeling ok to rock bottom. My doctor has doubled my meds, she told me she hears a lot of long distance relatives causing trouble.

The very last comment on said email was that he will no longer be answering my emails or my phone calls!! Well, that is fine by me as I have never got on with him. Lets just hope nothing happens to mum as there will now be no way of contacting him. I have told my nephew I will let him know if there are any problems and he can pass on the message. I do everything for my mum when she needs me, shopping, dentist, doctors etc and I don't begrudge her one second of my time, she comes to me every weekend and Christmas. He didn't even bother calling her on Christmas Day!

Well, today is the first day I feel slightly more human and thought I would come and see how we are all doing? I hope you are all doing well and coping the best you can. I have CFS/ME and I think I am back on the bottom rung of the ladder.

God gave us our relatives, thank goodness we can chose our friends.

Love you all.

Piggie hugs xxxxxxx

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hi , families !!!!

I am sad to say my brothers are not too bad but could do better, in fact 1 lives a few doors away but only sees my Mum on a saturday for 2 hours , his wife doesn't work but never pops in to see how she is ( my Mum is a wheelchair user and can't go out )

My Mum lives about 15 miles away and the bus takes about an hour each way and i would go every day if i could but i help with childcare for my darling Grandchildrenso can only go twice a week

i do wish that my Mum lived locally so i could see her more like i did my Mum in law but its so difficult as i am not allowed to drive on medical grounds.

My Darling Mum is so lonely even though she has 5 children , Grandchildren and Great Grankids

Your Mum has you there cherishing her and looking after her and i am sure she appreciates everything you do and tells you off when you overdo things ?

Not sure what is going on with your selfish brother but he is the one who will have to live with regret, whereas you lovely will know you have done everything you can for her .

I am not surprised you feel so ill with all this going on , oh and its odd how people suddenly remember things when convenient my brothers have done it only for my Dad to say it never happened, good imagination, Anyway if your parents did move to be closer to you so what ? its nothing to be jealous of

So sad that you don't have contact but if its going to upset you and make you ill its better that there isn't contact, good that you have contact with your nephew tho

warm hugs xx


Thank you xx yes this is what we said, he is the one who will have to live with the regret.

Sadly he is a very selfish man.

Piggie hugs xxxx


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