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I have had intermittent noises in my ears for couple of years and they

disapear in a day or so. At the moment I have frequent persistent noises what are they like well, it is a oscillating bussy steady stream of noise that when I swallow it sinks and then returns to same monotonous pitch, I have tried popping my ears to no avail anyone any suggestions the more it is there it is like a dermented bee in my head................

I had a reasonable day yesterday my daughter came to look after me and OH which is marvelous. Her beautiful Son is like the sun coming out on a grey day . A distraction to all the pain marvelous I am so pleased they have come up country to see me.


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hi gins ,

the noises you disgribing i get that its very disturbing noise had this for many years called tinitus theres no cure , .it cacthes you unwear and sometime affests your balance , ,,

i find on a night iv got drums playing to ,

loud noises i cannot stand or the tv loud , ,music , ,,differant sounds during the day ,.

hope this as helped sorry about spelling , im dyslexic

soft hugs

glad you got family up to help , ,,over xmas new year i had help with making coffee and medication ,and cooking ,due to having the flu ,

soft hugs



It's not me honestly, though I can be as irritating as a bee...... I get a high pitch whine that lasts about 5 mins then goes.. It's only started happening in the last few months, I hope it's going to stay as infrequent or go altogether, my sympathies Gins, I have read about this symptom of fibro and I thought I really don't want that one..... Is it worth mentioning it to your GP just incase it's an inner ear infection ... Tries to think positive and not fibro tinnitus

Fingers crossed

VG x


This might be Tinnitus VG, if you pop along to your Doctor about this you might need a hearing test arranged or a referral to an ENT Consultant.

Here is some info for you on Tinnitus -

Hope you get some relief from this very frustrating and debilitating condition.

(((hug))) xxx



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