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Long time no speak

Hi all

Long time no speak :-) hope everyone is as well as can be expected with this blasted condition. Just thought I'd drop by say hi (as its been a while) and wish everyone a healthy painfree start to the new year.

Have been going through a bit of a flare which 'im hoping is comming to an end, experienced all the usual symptoms, increase in pain levels, exhaustion, lack of motivation, heightened anxiety and brain fog. Have dropped and smashed dozens of plates cups had tons of minor accidents resulting in cuts, bruises and mild burns and am still unable to focus or concentrate 100%.

But thankfully the flare is slowly receeding and I feel like the proverbial butterfly emerging from a cocoon; hopefully my wings will now keep me airborne for a while :-) And i'll return to some sort of normality. Well ya can always hope can't ya :-)

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hving flre too, i feel like i coming to the end stage too!! i know its cos i have overdone it moving furniture about! happy new yr xx hope u better soon


Hi tinkefae

Sorry to hear uve been in flare mode but hearten to hear that yours too is receeding.

I swear every time I have a bad flare that as soon as it ends and I start to feel more normal - or as normal as you can feel with fibro - that i'l conserve my energy and learn to pace myself but as soon as i feel a littld energy returning or the fibro fog clearing I dive straight in back to my partime job, constantly cleaning house, fetching and carrying shopping, etc and its not long before im exhausted and back in flare mode. You'd think I'd learn but its a combination of euphoria at being back in the land of the living and guilt at having relied on family and friends for too long that tiggers that drive to appear normal. Ack well im gonna enjoy this period of respite while I can long may it last :-)

Dixie x


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