Fibro buddy system

Fibro buddy system

Ok so it's day one of mine and KazF,s buddy system and I think I spot a major flaw.... Kaz is helping me with my diet .. I am motivating kaz to her exercise programme.... Major flaw time... kaz has done her exercising and can relax for the day while I am in snack withdrawal, and have to stick with it 24/ 7 to lose this weight...... I have tried many meds in the past and have always come off them no problems.... My addiction.... Food... Gahhh, so teething ring or dog toy to chew on ???? my teeth are bored....



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  • Hi VG.

    If you're a food addict - as I am - you need an eating plan which gives you very generous helpings.

    I have had great success with a popular slimming club - I don't wish to advertise, but if you want details, message me privately.

    Big Fat Hugs ...Moffy xxx

  • That really is a major flaw, it would be the same with me trying to give up smoking versus someone else exercising. I used to make up a huge salad bowl and leave it in the fridge and I would nibble on that each time I got hungry. Grazing is good so that is what I will be doing from tomorrow onwards xxxxx(must get that salad in while I am out)

  • Grazing on celery carrot and cucumber is supposed to help as is drinking plenty - I really need to lose weight too :s x

  • P .s u torment yourself with yummy pictures like that xxx

  • Definately.. I think the middle is ice cream and I hate. Ice cream

    VG :D

  • I'm joining you on my quest to be fitter happier healthier .... Aghhhhh!!!!

  • Gnaw on a babys dummy i do this to stop bruxism when in flare. dog cews taste beeping horrid used to have to start them for a poodle i once knew trully vile things

  • Poodles or dog chews?????

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