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now been diagnosed with high blood pressure

oh well one more thing to battle and cocour bit of a shock though never had it befor not even during 3 pregnacies so here goes healthy diet should have been on one already as im a diabtic for 28years but since becoming ill i no longer have proper meals just snacks but got to be good now and smoking has got to stop but i will win no heart attacks for me

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Hi Linlit,

It's good to see that you are so positive about managing your high blood pressure. I understand that it's another thing to worry about, but it's very common, and providing that you stop smoking and try to eat a healthy diet, plus taking any medication your doctor advises, then it shouldn't have any impact on your life at all.

High blood pressure isn't an illness in itself, but it can cause problems if not managed, and you seem to be doing just that.

Best of luck, and I'm sure that this may be a blessing in disguise as a healthier lifestyle will almost certainly make you feel better!

Lots of New Year hugs ...Moffy xxx


Hi Linlit

I was diagnosed with High BP 6 years ago - thanks to my bullying bosses at the time. My doctor told me I would be on medication for life. I eat fairly healthily, and need to watch my weight, but other than that I just take my pills, use a BP monitor in the house once a week and carry on as normal.Smoking definietly raised BP, so if you are able to give that up, it shuld help enormoulsy.

Good luck



My GP says that being in constant pain can raise your blood pressure too. No wonder mine has skyrocketed even though I have lost a stone since last year!


i am back on the patches hopefully i will stop this time i know bp is controllable but my biggest problem is my mum died of a hart attack aged 52 im 51 she had high BP ALLher life some silly doctor at family planning clinic told me i couldnt have the pill and would probely die at the same age i was only 23 it has been my ambition to get to 53 track this dr down and invite her to my party even if i have to dig her up up to now high BP was the only illness i hadnt inhrited from my mum just have to take more care i want to well past 53


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