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the rain fell in sheets mostly vertical ocasionally horizontal but five intrepid travelers were guided by a star

to visit the old guy in the red suit who resides at the forgotten land the flashing earring responded by begining to work again. ""Ho ho Ho I like your Santa earing" Grandson tried to be shy and no high fives were forth coming. We believe in Santa and we were out in the dark where the lights were a twinkling. Carol singers could be heard singing away as we made for doughnuts and home!

A brilliant adventure complete and now it is time to make Christmas!


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[glad you're back]



Sounds wonderful Gins, so wintry and Christmassy! So pleased you've had a good time! :)

(((hug))) xxx



Nice to have you back I hope you realised what confusion the forum was in without you... Did you sit on santas knee????? Hope you and your grandson had a great time

VG x


VG confused?! Never! :O :P xxx


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