Hello, I'm new here, although I have not been diagnosed as having fibromyalgia, I have found when looking for symptoms, causes, side effects and various other questions on my health issues on the computer fibromyalgia is always mentioned.

Until now I have thought , what is wrong with me as this can't be right. I dont feel so lonely or isolated now after reading many of your posts.

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  • Morning and welcome, it's so hard getting diagnosed as they rule everything else out first, I was diagnosed officially 3years ago at kings hospital and still learning about fibro, lots of lovely people on here so your get lots of advice xx

  • Thank you for your warm welcome . I have got an appointment with my GP ,22nd of November. The earliest I could get, and will ask her if it's possible that I have fibromyalgia and also I have requested a copy of my medical records ( verbally ) on my last visit to the doctors surgery, was told to write to Practice Manager and discuss same with my doctor at the appointment.

    Thanks again xxk

  • Hello Kswy.....Welcome to a lovely group of people who will give you info. support and a giggle. Are you seeing your GP about these symptoms and do you take any meds? Have you had any tests done or seen a Rheumatologist who is the main doctor to diagnose fibro....Look at our Mother site for further info and there are lots of useful links as well that help understand this condition.....hope to hear from you again....x

  • Hi Trikki, thanks for the warm welcome . Unfortunately at my local health centre your lucky if you see the same doctor twice and sometimes have to travel to another practice for an appointment. ( They merged a few years back.) That aside, returned last week from a hospital ENT appointment as my Tinitus has become worse lately and was told you have to get used to it and turn on the radio. Totally shattered at this I started looking on line and found this site , and very glad I did. And thanks to all the postings will do more than just turn on the radio

    Thanks again xx

  • Good Morning and welcome. I take it that you are already seeing your GP about your symptoms.? Have you mentioned Fibro to him ?

    Either way i that the next step is to write down all of your symptoms or down load a list of symptoms and take to him. Some people keep a diary of daily symptoms as they do tend to change on an almost hourly basis.

    There are a lot of tests that need to get done before you will get a diagnosis. ask to be referred to a Rumatologist they tend to be the ones who give the yay of nay.

    This is the link to our mother site it has loads of useful information that you will find helpful.

    See you later

  • Thanks for the warm welcome and useful information , will do as you have suggested and write it all down.

    Thank you xx

  • Hi Kswy3 and welcome to our wonderful forum ;-) I'm sure you will come to love it as we all do. It really helps to be able to interact with others that are going through or been through the same experiences as yourself.

    Please do go and check out the Mother Site Where you will find lots of useful

    Information and links. If you subscribe to emails you will get all the latest news on Fibro

    I'm sorry you have been diagnosed with Fibro and sadly, as you say many people are left in this situation, some for many years, so you will be able to speak to others that really understand.

    I look forward to chatting with you on the forum.

    We also advise locking your post for your safety as unlocked posts are open to the internet, I have pasted a link to easy guideline on how to do this yourself in future.

    Peace, luv n light

    Jan x

  • Hi HUn, most of us with fibro will have numerous different symptoms, basically we don't tick every box on the list but that doens,t mean we don't have it, I was recently checked for sjorgrens and my dentist was saying I could produce saliva- Yes I could but all the other symptoms ticked every box, and my rheumatologist is advising on how to treat it and how to "mend" my broken tongue which drives me crazy!! I hope that helped you.

  • As it is now now not all drs. Know how to diagnose fibromyalgia because it has so many symptoms. I finally saw a arthritis dr. Who after some tests and many questions she was able to diagnose me. It took a long time and alot of diff. Drs. To find out what was wrong with dr. Even thought I might be a hyperchondriac. Wow that was so insulting. But If you hang in there a good dr. Will give you the right diagnosis. I hope you find out the real problem and pray it is not fibromyalgia because it is painful and hard to treat .They say it is like arthritis of the muscles. Good luck.

  • Hi Kswy3

    Welcome to this lovely site, as you said you have no reason to feel lonely anymore there is always someone here who can help with all kinds of things, or just to listen to you when you want to get things of your chest instead of bottling it up, so enjoy being in the Elite Club not everyone is allowed to join and remember a laugh a dy is better then a pill keep smiling.

    Love & Hugs

  • Hi Kswy3

    Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I am so genuinely sorry to read how you have been suffering and struggling and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with getting a diagnosis one way or the other.

    I can see that you have been given some wonderful replies and advice and I really cannot add anything new to them. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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