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Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky-tacky, little boxes all over my dining room floor!

Well I am in a bit of a my mind and on a practical level.

I have boxes from the loft, some of which are empty ready to go back in the loft, some containing decorations which I can't be bothered to put up, so they need to go back in the loft. This will be a job for my husband, even though he doesn't like heights. I don't mind heights but my knees aren't up to climbing the ladder, unfortunately. I gave it a go last week, when we were getting all the Christmas decorations down from the loft, and it was a bit precarious to say the least.

Some boxes contain presents for our dogs and cats. The presents need wrapping up. Then there are the empty boxes I have been saving "in case they come in handy at Christmas"!

There are also bags containing various items which need sorting.

Then there is the big box containing the smaller boxes of Christmas cards, some of which still need to be written.

Then there are the piles.

Piles of cards which have been written a) for posting

b) for delivering to neighbours

c) to be given to friends (I do have a few friends lol!)

Then there are piles of laundry ready to be folded and put in the airing cupboard, when I have the energy.

My poor dogs look at me in despair as much as to say "This room is getting smaller by the day. There's hardly any room for us any more!"

I look back at them despairingly.

Tomorrow, I really must try to make an effort to achieve some semblance of order in this room. While I am on my computer my back faces the room but when I get up, rather stiffly, and turn around the full glory hits me.

No wonder I can't think straight.

I hate being in such a muddle.

In spite of this, I sing and whistle to myself (which my husband hates!!!!!) but it is one of my quirky little ways of trying to rise above the stress I am feeling inside.

How are the rest of you all coping with all the extra work that Christmas entails? I'd be very interested to hear.

In the meantime I send you loving thoughts and hugs. Saskia XX

PS While I was checking through this for typos, my younger dog has found a squeaky ball. He is now squeaking it excitedly and pushing it at me ready for a game. looks like I'll be playing with Marley for a while. The tidying up can wait!

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Lovely game with the dog they are so great! I love my little girl more than I'm sure it's healthy to- I had to reply when you mentioned your whistling and singing- I too do this, usually at work which drives my colleagues mad- I got one of them ear plugs as a secret Santa present :) xxx


so many piles Saskia i believe you can get cream for them and they go away :D . Sorry i have had to behave all day and its just too much to ask.

no matter how organised i try to be it never works out , i have posted stamped cards , put some thro neighbours doors and we popped out to deliver some earlier.

i buy presents thro the year and note down what i have then i hide the list from the grangirls but ,- yes you have guessed i can't find the list ! doh

when i went and got the stuff out i didn't have anything for grandsons birthday on the 28th so off to do battle with all the stressed shoppers the poor girl on the till was so fed up with miserable customers who have a go at them , oh yes i remember it well , unfortunately it seems business is more interested in profit rather than looking after thier staff.

the housework has totally gone to pot but we have only so much time and energy so i don't look down or i will see vacuuming is required and at least the sun isn't showing the dust up as much ha ha

oh well tomorrows another day and i may dance with the vacuum or i may not xx


Your list of things to do Saskia sounds as long as mine! Having said that if one of our dogs wants to play, there's always time for that. Just the look of those deep brown eyes and I am putty in their paws lol! ;) xxx


Me too! Millie (my westie puppy) always comes first. She is such a good girl and has been looking after me the last few days I will treated to a chippy sausage for her tea! She's fed better than me ha!

Well I am pleased to say I am completely finished, I started my shopping in October! I did want to buy a lot more but unfortunately was sacked from my job after the doctor signed me off for a week on sick leave (another long story) but will be looking for part time work in the new year!! I am putting all the stresses out of my head and looking forward to the festive period...only one week to go whoop!! Claire x


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