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i think thats the appropiate word anyway! yesterday had my first pain clinic appt and i was to see a doctor someone or another cant be bothered to pronounce his name anyway i took my dughter with me ( ur going to have to excuse my writing havent slept:() just to take info in . the doctor sat back in his chair in a what i could only call the cockiest manner and said as his opening greating ....what are u doing here!.....so my back wings atrted fluttering with a red hot mad ! i answered you tell me ur the doctor i have fibromyalgia and was told u could help? then i saw him doodling bow ties constantly on a paper as he answered and told me the history of how doctors when they dont know what to label u with just do a blood test and press u and come up with the label fibro even though its a not recognised illness! ( OMG!) he said would i be willing to take more meds and what do i take and by this time i knew what i was dealing with so i told him im not a test rabbit and im not going to stack up a load of tablets and be pushed aside whn a proper tablet comes out for the cure of fibro then il take it other than that my cocodamol is the only thing i will take! he said well i would like to send u away on a months in london to be studyied with other fibro patients come home weekends otherwise theres nothing he can do! ( this is whilst on the what must have been the hundreth bow tie doodle!) he then told me this aches and pain thing has been around for time women used to put themselves to bed over it ! i said so you think its a mental condition then?? its in my head? becacuse i was at one time on two different anti deppression tablets and they didnt do anything but proberbly put my liver and kidneys under stress! he answered oh no i believe ur having pain but in this group situation theyl be councillors cycologists physiotherepists etc ! i said ok il go ! ( thats going to be the most stressfull thing thatl bring on a massive episode i can tell ! HAS ANYONE ELSE BEEN OFFERED THIS?? and why havent i been offered hydro pool and alsorts like everyone lelse? i couldnt sleep last night he made me feel so angry at his attitude even my daughter said how rude the gimp was! doodling and not at all interested so peed off :(

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Fairy do not give in my first referral to pain clinic by my GP I saw a very smug woman doctor who made me stand up and take off my t shirt... She saw I was wearing one of those soft comfy stretch bras as that's the only thing I can tolerate touching my ribs... I have chronic chostochondritis , a good day is when it doesn't flare. She looked me up and down and said. ...... Stand up straighter and buy a proper fitting bra and you will feel like a new woman...then she dismissed me... I was surprised she actually gave me time to put my t shirt on..... I went straight back to my gp told him her name, its engraved on my brain I was that angry and upset....... He referred me back to pain clinic but made sure I saw a different dr, how he did it I don't know , but I got to see a lovely man who immediately said you need 3 monthly trigger point injections for muscle and pain relief... Been having them just over a year and it has helped.... I also had to see 3 rheumatologists before I got one who actually helped getting me moulded to fit insoles to help with my balance and aids for my house.

Good luck



Oh my gosh you guys I'm horrified- VG that woman sounds evil!!! (having cut several of my dresses I sympathise with the rib ache).

As for your doctor fairytails I've met plenty of him. I saw a lady once- I was desperate at 22 and my pain was so bad she was a rheumatologist who diagnosed me with hypermobility - her diagnoses was 'I think you are hypermobile that is causing your pain' I said 'well what can I do to help myself' she thrust a leaflet in my direction and said 'deal with it' to which I said 'I'm only young this can't be my life I'm in so much pain' to which she said 'I had a young fencer in here- they no longer fence you just need to move on' I was so upset and my Dad was with me, he took me home and I cried for hours- personally I think these people need to be reported - even if you don't believe you should not have had your ability to care removed!

I hope you get results soon

K xxxx


Just for today, I wish I could be pain-free, fog-free, tremor-free, fatigue-free.....!!! And if I could pass it all on, just for one day, guess who it'd go to. One of these non-believing, kick-em-when-they're-down, self-important, uncaring medics! I would so like to see how they deal, just for one day, with what we put up with day-in, day-out, for months and years on end.

It's incredible that there are still so many of them. I have to say my GP's are great, but I've had referrals to both a rheumatologist and a neurologist who were of this type. So, I'm saving the NHS a fortune by not seeing any consultants!

So sorry you too have suffered at the hands of one of these people. Hope you manage to find someone else, who can be more helpful.



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thanx kaz my fighting gloves are firmly on anyway yes il go to there stupid studies! and i know damn well that il flare cause stress is a massive trigger for me ! and if they think for one minute that its in my head ( like mr badly fitting suit couldnt understand a word coming form his mouth ) pain doctor thought il prove them wrong too! to tell me that is a big mistake! grrrrrrh!


I have not been offered anything and chances are I would tell them where to shove it, politely of course. I just plod along knowing what I know and praying it cannoot get any worse, but it does. Do not give up and try and get referred to someone else hun xxxxx


I once went to pain clinic and after waiting ages to see him, he asked me to stand and touch my toes.

I couldn't even bend he then asked me to stand as straight as I could which wasn't great then said in about two months you will be running and doing star jumps.

That was ten yrs ago the ass ole I never went back lol.



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