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why do some people get told they have fibromyalgia


i know people who have been told they have fibro by hospital doctors, when in hospital for other reasons and they just happen to say they feel sore and tired.. or.. by O.T.. i thought u had to go for the pressure point test at rhymatoligy ( sorry about spelling) i had 17 out of 18 and nearly jumped out my seat when pressed some of them..... i have been diagnosed for 5 years but think i have had it for about 25.... i know it can be diagnosed with everything else coming back clear.. but how else do people get told they have fibro... thanks xx

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im not sure but i was diagnosed by everything else bein eliminated n the pressure point test by a reumatoligist at hospital xx

just as i thought it had to be..i thought u needed to be seen by a rheumatogy to be diagnosed x

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Hi Diane,

I was diagnosed by GP who then referred me to Rhummatology. However, they wrote back to her that they no longer saw patients with Fibro, only patients with high inflammatory markers. They did send me an information sheet on Fibro which was very basic. Thank goodness I have a GP that knows her stuff.

G xxx

Oops! Meant to say my GP was competent with testing the pressure points and also getting a detailed history ensuring the correct diagnosis. Fibro fog hence 2 posts lol :)

I was diagnosed by rhumatologist at hospital however as I am again having another sleepness night and feeling quite angry and upset because I cannot sleep for pain and a new symptom of itchy burning scalp I decided to search the web (as a distaraction) and burning scalp syndrome is fibro related and due to an overload of substance P grrr This search lead me to read up on MS and the symptoms of MS are similar to fibro including the tingling and numbness so how can doctors tell the difference? Just having yet another moan lol

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I use Head and Shoulders itchy scalp conditioner on my head. Certainly helps. x


I been dx by phchologist, but I will push for a positive answer in case it is something else

well, it makes me wonder, i had all the painful symptoms for ages, i read up about them on line,etc told my GP what i had read. i have had the diagnosis since then, i think?

Mine was like others a visit to the rhuematologist.Before he eveen touched me I told him of the buning at the top of my spine and being so tired.He said I was singing a familiar song and then did the oint test.

This was in Jan this year but was told I had fibrositis(old fashioned name for fibro)when I was 16 now 58

Hugs Butterfly xxxxx

I was diagnosed by a rheumatologist using the pressure points. that was about 8 years ago. I guess its done differently in different regions.

thanks everyone for answering my question.. hope ur all well xx


Hi diane63

I was a frequent visitor to my GP for a few years with extreme tenderness, (agony to touch)pain &fatigue. She referred me to rheumatology, he done tender point examination , and diagnosed Fibromyalgia.



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