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Merry bloomin Christmas!!

Hi guys,have fibro and arthritis and am having a terrible flare up at the moment.

I have my five yr old daughter off school since Tuesday very poorly with a nasty virus and I am in my third week off work with another 3 to go after seeing the doc yesterday.

My hubby goes back to hospital Monday for 4 days for his 2nd cancer op and am pretty much at the end of my tether,totally dreading Christmas :(

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Oh bless you, what an awful time you are having.I think we put to much stress on ourselves with regard to Christmas. Try to get rest when you can. There are so many viruses going around, I have had two now and hope I have done. Hope your hubby goes on okay, can't imagine what you are going through. Love and hugs x


I think we do too but with us both being exhausted and having young children it could be a mare :(

Thanks for your lovely comment x


Sending you a big hug, hopefully your little one will bounce back soon.

Take care and good luck for Monday

Maggie xx


Hello Raemomma, sorry to hear you are struggling at the moment. Make sure you keep warm, take your meds and rest as much as you can with a small child around. I know this isn't easy, having had three children myself.

Hopefully very soon your Fibro flare-up will pass and you will start to feel better in time for the festivities. It's always tougher at this time of year isn't it.

(((hug))) xxx



Hi there , and here's me thinking I am suffering by having to take my son to drs today when the last thing I want is to leave the house.... Can't imagine how you must be feeling

Fingers crossed for your OH and hope you manage some rest to get you through Christmas



I cannoot begin to imagine how you are feeling right noe. All this going on and a flare up too. Makes my worries pale into inisgnificance. In my heart hun xxxxx


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