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Good Idea

I used to watch and read mostly, but Im finding it helps to get some feelings out on paper as im feeling them, im going to copy and paste to make one letter as it helps to see when and how you are feeling at different times, this site has been great for being able to do that and at least people understand and provide kind and useful replies. I say get whats on your mind on here and use what you say to remind yourself, it can be handy, There are many reasons why this could help, I think its helping me. Let me know what you think!

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It can be very cathartic to write down how we are feeling and then to read it back. It releases a lot of stress and tension doing this too. If it makes you feel better RSL, please feel free to do so!

I often jot down things that are bugging me or worrying me at home, I usually end up ripping the jottings and throwing them away in the bin, but the fact I have made a note of them helped me to process them and deal with them. Hope that makes sense. :)

(((hug))) xxx



I have always wrote things down as i find it helps emmensly i started it when i saw a therapist at 20. Now with fibro fog i write most things down it gives me a sense of security i also allow my partner to read them even if it has bad stuff in it.

I would advocate the mighty pen and paper anytime :) xx


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