Can i get disability working allowance?

I was diagnosed in 2005, prob due to car crash 26 years ago. I have had 5 or 6 bad flare ups over last 3 years, months off work due to deppression, fibro fog ruined my career in the NHS, I had a fall due to my knee givin way at the top of the stairs putting me in A+E, on crutches for 2 weeks with badly bruised knee. I came off crutches sat before we flew to greece for 14 day holiday. Whilst there i got shingles, Flare up of IBS, it was a nightmare, panic attack on the plane.. the whole 2 weeks was awful. I got home and was so ill, depression, fatigue and hurrendous pain in my legs and back.

The year after we went to greece again, we went with friends had a good holiday.. got back and it floored me... off work again with fatigue, pain...3 months it was bad. Then again they year after, went to greece i was fatigued on holiday the temps were 40 plus, i was drained... couldnt wait to get home, ill again to the point my gp told me i prob has MS !!! I was mortified, brain scan gave me all clear i was just having a flare up "a bad one" again... Im still working 40hr wks, could i get working disability? and work part time to take some strain off me... I cant afford to not work so thats not an option and every time off off work it costs me money and i get behind on bills.. I dont know what else i can do.

Any advise welcome xx

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  • Hi stanne,

    I'm working 30hrs a week for the NHS,iv applied for DLA and was refused so put in an appeal twice,iv just had my medical at home to see what I can and can't do,I will await the decision which probably be refused so will appeal again.

    You can put in a claim form for DLA even if you work but it does take time,so I think you should try for it but they are pretty tough as you are probably aware by reading some of the post.

    I dont know a lot about ESA,I think that's if you work up to 16 hrs a week,that's something I will be looking into soon because iv either got to except re-deployment,but I'm finding it really difficult to work so may have to reduce hours.

    Best wishes

    Julie xx

  • Thanks for your reply, Ive yet to hear anyone say they got it for fibro and working, I know pple who get it for fibro but dont work at all, i enjoy working when im not under pressure to work 40 hr as a week and theres no way on this earth am i goin to give up and sit at home alday on benefits... I wish you well with the claim, keep appealing dont give up xxx

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