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Sick of being sick!!!!

I have been off work for five weeks with worse flare I have had since being diagnosed, I Am on New meds, having graded physio, doing meditation and still not sleeping and in pain. Well this morning I decided I was going out to collect my contact lens' and may be pick up a few pressie, I have showered, hair and make up done - now shattered and need a rest!,,, lol

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Hello Maggie, I hope you manage to do all you need to do today. Make sure you rest when you get back, make yourself a cuppa and take it easy.

I know how you feel - when I've showered, done my hair and make-up I feel like I need a lie down, but I do this every day to make myself look better so I feel better too. It is exhausting though. I always have a sit down and cuppa after and try to pace myself.

Have a good day Maggie, take care.

(((hug))) xxx



Hi Maggie; i know just how you feel i was thinking the same thing just the other day. but y ou hold on in there girl you will have some good days. only thing is when we do have those good days we do all we didn't do and then make ourselves ill again because we've over done it. And this cold weather isn't doing me any good at all!! i hurt sitting down i hurt standing up. oh well at least i'm still breathing lol. you take it easy love and as Lib said just pace yourself. have a blessed week love.

lots if hugs XXX



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