shakey and achey

Seems theres alot of suffering at the moment, I today had a score of 10 back pain when I got up today. And all my fella could say is, "Do you have to make sound effects" Swine. It took me a good four hours to get my meds to kick in. Been up and down for weeks but Im getting bothered by the weird shaking I feel, its like its inside me vibrating, makes it very hard to hold on to things. Feeling better after excruitating back pain this morning, but pain eased and head in ga ga land with the meds so we cant win sometimes! hope your all not suffering too much today x

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  • hi, I usually just lurk rather than comment, but your comment about shaking struck a nerve with me..I sometimes shake, especially when I feel really ill, but I'm shaking most days on and off for the past week. I had a solid 3 hours of shaking on Friday and as well as the pain it's causing it is exhausting me! I always assumed it was another bit of fibro fun but someone asked me recently if it was normal as I looked like I was in withdrawal !!

    So was just wondering how yours affects you and how frequently you gets the shakes? hope it's ok that I popped my head up, out of my shy little cave, and asked x

  • Glad you did, I get the alot most days but sometimes its worse than others. Im going through menopause and I think they put some effects down to this. I am struggling with a pain beneath my boob at mo, hurts when I breathe but had an xray and it was ok. To be honest I get so many weird symptoms that I blame fibro for it all.

  • Hi, i don't normal comment either but i also get the shakes sometimes and they just start out of the blue,i go quite light headed and also feel a bit nauseous with it, at 1st i thought it was because i was hungry (usually when i skipped breakfast) but i've started noticing that i get them even when i have eaten, they can be quite strong sometimes to the point where other people can see it without me having to hold my hand in front of me to show them, my legs get quite weak as well so it can make walking more difficult than usual x

  • Glad you did too, I have this, never know why its happening either, I watched and read mostly, but Im finding it helps to get some feelings out on paper as im feeling them, im going to copy and paste to make one letter as it helps to see when and how you are feeling at different times.

  • I also get what I call internal shakes! Definitely when I'm due for my amitrips! And also if I let myself get too hungry or haven't had over 6 hours sleep! I've progressively got worse since Jan last year and have just had to order a walking stick! Soft hugs x

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