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Hi, I'm new here and would love some advice please. I have got ME with the CFS and fibromyalgia. I have high out of control diabetes which has a knock on affect with the CFS. I don't have reflexes in my legs so its a struggle to stand still. I have tendonitis in both shoulders. I sleep a lot. How do I exercise? If I'm awake enough to go out for the day, the next couple of days I sleep coz I feel so exhausted from the day out. My tummy in the mean time is getting bigger. Its like a catch 22 thing going on. Anyone in the same boat got any good ideas please

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morning welcome mistee, if it was me I would go for lots of short walks, instead of a long day out. obviously have special days out, but make sure you feel comfortable. sometimes if I am bored walk round the small estate where I live, an d have nose around. also I would ask doctor for advice. xx

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Would swimming help? Just thinking as its non weight bearing might help your legs. Even just floating on your back, slowly working your legs a little and building up might not be too exhausting.

Worth asking your dr for advice.


Is there a hydrotherapy pool near you ? Simple small movements in the water have a greater effect than on 'dryland'. You sound an ideal candidate.

Exercising the upper body with small ( you can get them with pretty tiny weights) can help to tone and stregthen but I am not sure about tendon problem.

As for your tummy there are loads of core muscle exercises you can try sitting or lying down.

Look on YouTube or better still talk to a physio or Pilates teacher.

Much of a Pilates work out is done standing still, lying down or sitting but is excellent exercise.

I really think however that professional guidance is needed for you as there is so much going on.

Will your GP refer you to physio. It's worth asking. If not finding a good Pilates teaCher is a plan.

Whatever you do, keep moving a bit. A step counter isn't just for the very active. It can help monitor how much you move in a day and be set ( in the case of a fitbit) to remind you if yiu haven't moved for a while. Even very short walks of 5 minutes is a start.

I hope you find something that works for you.



Hi Mistee71 I used to walk loads but now my legs won't go the distance and my toes were swelling so I bought a crosstrainer you need a bit of space in a room for it though but if you dont leave the house much its a good idea as its low impact and you can get different Intensity setting on it. When I have a few mins I sit my tablet on the window ledge and watch tv as I go for a wee stroll on it, so you can basically do it when ever you want rain or shine. Hope you find something suitable for you. Take care 🌻X


Morning Hun,

The best advice that I can give is to do a small amount of whatever you are thinking exercise wise! It is counter initiative to do loads and then make yourself ill for days afterwards! It may feel like you aren't doing enough but even 10 minutes a day can help! Short and steady walks are great for me as I can talk to Carl and keep distracted without realizing that I am exercising! I also go swimming with a float so I can just move my legs - find if I swim properly I am too tired and can only manage a length or two!

Hope this helps xxxx


Hi I can sympathise as I have the fibromyalgia too and struggle to exercise. Now I have 2 small dogs who make me go for a walk, sometimes v short sometimes longer. If your situation allows, and be very, very sure before you commit, having a dog is the best thing! They get you out, give you loads of company but they are a big tie and responsibility.

For your stomach I've found a Pilates exercise ball useful. You don't have to do specific exercises, though you can if you want too, you just sit on it at the table etc and the slight wobble tightens your core muscles. They're £10 or so on Amazon.

Pilates is great and not intimidating if you find the right teacher. Even small gentle movements can help a lot. I'd avoid anything else except Aquafit and Yoga but be cautious with them as they can be very demanding. A Pilates teacher could give you other ideas too, for example using resistance bands.

Don't try to push yourself, go little by little, try and enjoy it and give yourself permission to rest often, even for days if necessary. Even a very little helps so don't think it's not worth it.

Good luck


Hi Mistee. I have had ME/CFS (got over it in my 30's) and now have Fibro and do a nice gentle stretchy hatha yoga 20 minute session as often as I can.- I went to classes to learn how to do it but when fibro struck the hour was too long for me - knackered for the rest of the day so have an App and a short film of a session put together especially for fibro sufferers which I do now. Keeps me mobile and the tummy within reasonable proportions!! Pilates has lots of yoga based stuff in it but I find the meditative quality of yoga and the focus on breathing really useful. I have a dog too who insists on walks each day but that might be a step too far for you!

Good luck Ann x


Thank you for your help and advise. I think I will see docs about hydrotherapy. I have a stair lift put in by the council and have a specially made wheelchair from OT. Coz my legs are weak. I have to inject insulin 4 times a day so maybe there is nothing for me. I was so fit ,at the gym everyday, swimming and hiking for miles. Then I got hit by so much. I couldn't accept it at first so twice I tried to end it. I am married with 4 grown up children so that was selfish of me. My husband got me the help I needed. Still get depressed but that's life. This all happened after I gave up smoking. At least I achieved that I suppose. All this happened in 2010. I have 2 Chihuahuas. Thanks for listening and letting me ramble. I know your all in the same boat as me but I really do feel sorry for my self. I have a lot more health issues I haven't mentioned so I feel like I've been cursed.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


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