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sad feelings

lately, music keeps setting me off weeping.

My brother was off the other day and we went for a very nice lunch. The background music could be heard, but wasn't intrusive. "last christmas" was playing and I thought of a friends little girl, 3yrs old at the time,who loved this song when it was released. She used to sing "gev" not give and it was cute. I filled up and wept silent tears that wouldn't stop! I've been like this on my own in the car or at home, but this was a full cafe. - no-one noticed!

I still ate my lunch, but slower.


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Hi Sandra that used to happen to me when I was driving, I don't drive now but songs do still get to me. I think all songs take you back in your memories sad or lovely,problem is if you feel down then memories good or bad can make you cry x

Gentle hugs

Rainbow x


I've cried silent tears when I hear Robbie Williams song Angel, it was released just after my daughter Julie miscarried a little girl, Julie and I were out together and the song came on and we both started crying. Big Hugs x


Hi Sandra

Ever since I've had fibro, I've cried a lot more easily over songs, books, films .... I particularly notice it if I've got overtired. And not just over sad ones either - I can cry over happy endings, beautiful pictures can bring tears to my eyes, all sorts. It's like all the emotions are more vivid, nearer the surface than they used to be. Which is not a bad thing, but when you're in a public place it can be hard to deal with.




I have to admit to the odd sniffle over songs too! So many memories, loved ones who are with us no longer, sentimental songs. There's no harm in having a sniffle, it shows we care.

Our emotions can be heightened with our Fibro too, so that will sometimes make us a bit more emotional. Speaking from experience here too! ;)

(((hug))) xxx



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