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what ive started doing

I 'm not too bad today but tomorrow I could be feeling suicidal and in agony, I try to rest and not worry, sod the housework and sod everyone, thats what Im beginning to do, I dont feel so guilty now I know I have Fibro and DDD, its an illness that no one understands so I dont bother trying to convince anyone anymore, I know my limits and I believe I have done everything I can to help myself. Not had good exp with GPs Specialists or Benefits, its a hard world and I struggle, but Im determined, I am lonely because no one wants to listen to you moaning constantly about how you feel or where the pains bad, so I dont bother anymore. I go on here and do it instead, makes me feel better anyway, good to have others in same boat, Thanks and I hope your all feeling better soon x Sue x

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I only ever explain fibro as a chemical imbalance int he brain, can't be treated as they do not know what the exact imbalance is. And I leave it at that, they seem to grasp the concept of 'chemical imbalance', go any further than that and they are just not interested. If I need to moan I will come here and then I am not inflicting verbal abuse on anyones ears lol. I have long since passed the stages of feeling suicidal, they got me nowhere and to be honest it is not as though we can do anything for the way we feel. But with the site here we are never alone. I am lucky with my family as they fully understand how I feel and when I am at my worst. xxxxx


Hello Sue, yes we all understand here that's for sure. We all have Fibromyalgia even Admin and Volunteer Teams too! So we all feel pain, we all feel exhausted and have many of the other symptoms and other conditions too.

I am so pleased you feel you can come here, that is good to hear! We welcome everyone with Fibromyalgia and we will do our best to help and support them in any way we can.

We are always here for you Sue, so pop in when you feel the need and hopefully you will learn something else along the way in the journey living with Fibro. It always helps to share experiences with others, we realise we aren't alone.

(((hug))) xxx


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