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Where did the days go

Hi peeps clawed my way out of self pity today, been stuck in bed since Wednesday took our baby grandson home on Tuesday morning then went shopping, woke up 4am Wednesday with a raging sore throat streaming nose and a nasty cough and feeling as weak as a newborn kitten thanks munchkin I have grandsons cold, one problem when I get a cold it always knocks me on my backside, it didn't use to I used to be able to shrug them off no problem but since the dreaded FMS raised its ugly head it can take anything up to three weeks, plus I forgot my flu jab, anyway i decided to check my mail found out its December ahh I haven't done my xmas cards yet, I still have hubbys birthday pressy to get plus card and my sisters his on 16th hers on 6th also have to get his xmas pressy decs don't go up yet he say they go up on 12th night or something, just wondering if I'm up to wrapping gifts I usually do them as soon as I get them but haven't felt up to it, oh well see how I feels later. Merry Christmas all . Sithy

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Only wish you were well enough to do that wrapping. I do them as we get them after the rigmaroll I had three years back. I let it all wait until two days before Xmas, I was still wrapping up on Xmas eve and I was exhausted come the big day. I hope that cold goes away soon, I try to avoid people I know that have a cold, but pretty pointless really. GP says it can be dangerous for COPD sufferers to get a cold xxxxx Merry Xmas to you too


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